Best Air Gun for Self Defense

There is a wide range of best air gun that can be used for a number of purposes. They are good for short game play, small hunting and for pest control as well. One major type of gun in this category is the pellet gun, which has got a lot of potential to be used in a number of ways. It mimics the real firearm so if you are looking for some serious gun training, then start off by using such gun as it is safe and extremely useful for learning purposes.

You can use such weapon for learning as how to draw it, how to get control over the weapon and how should you breathe when you are looking to hit your target with precision. This is all about the scope of the gun and it cannot be used as a self defense gun. The best air pistol will be the one which is ideal in weight, has got the ability to shoot with precision and also comes with a good shooting speed. You should also determine the technology used, the reputation and experience of the manufacturer also plays a key role in making the gun a true success.

What is an Air Pistol?

best air pistol for self defense

An air pistol is a pneumatic weapon where the projectiles are propelled by means of compressed air. The pellets are thrown towards the target without using any charge but only air unlike other firearms. Most of the air pistols work on metallic projectiles but some are perfectly fine with feathers and arrows. Air pistols are widely used in hunting, plinking (i.e. recreational hunting), security purpose or in wars. There are various types of power sources available for air pistols like spring piston, single stroke, multi stroke, gas spring, pneumatic, pre charged pneumatic etc. The compressed air plays a major role here that may be CO2 or methane depending on various factors.

There are various rumors about air pistols so it gets hard when comes to choosing the most appropriate one for you. Here are some thumb rules for choosing the best air pistol for you.

Top Best Air Pistol Available in the Range:

It is true that the pellet gun can be a bit hard to find because of so many products available in the market. The task is tough, but not anymore as you will find some really amazing products in this guide which are well balanced in terms of speed, quality, performance and precision in hitting the target. Price is another significant factor that the potential buyer must consider. The following are the top pellet guns available in the market:

1. Daisy Hunting Air Pistol

Daisy Powerline 415 Pistol Air Gun Kit

It is a compact but a resourceful pistol that you can have for small game hunting and a number of other purposes. It is a CO2 powered semi automatic type of a gun, which has great potential to do the best job in this category of guns. Apart from the pellets, the BB ammunition can also be used in the cannon. The main attraction of this equipment is its smooth and sturdy bore steel barrel which mimics a real gun with very close approximation.

The built in magazine will allow you 21 BB shots. The speed of shooting is measured in Feet Per Second (FPS) and this one can shoot at 500 FPS. It comes with a useful kit as well and the major things included in the package are 3 x CO2 cylinders, shooting glasses and BB tube. For compact gun lovers, this is a great option to consider for buying. The price is amazingly low and you really wouldn’t have any second thoughts in purchasing this pistol.

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2. Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol

Crosman P1377BR American Classic Multi Pump .177-Caliber Pneumatic Pellet Air Pistol, Brown

This is really an amazing product in terms of its style and feel. It is a cowboy type of an air pistol with a relatively wrong barrel as compared with the standard pistols that we usually come across. It is a .177 caliber pneumatic air gun. The equipment is fairly easy to use with its single action bolt feature which ensures easier cocking and the loading of the gun. The shooting velocity is reasonably good to be at 600 FPS.

It comes with an adjustable rear sight or open sights with a fixed blade front. The weight of the gun is 32 oz, which is ideal for cannon having such velocity and will give you comfort in shooting with precision. The length is 13.6 inches which is again something unique, but extremely useful for the shooter. Price is affordable and if the specifications are well within your requirements then it is not bad going for a deal.

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3. Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol

Gamo 611138254 Pt-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol Clampack 611138254

Gamo is one of the finest manufacturers of pellet guns that you will see here. This blow back air pistol is stylish and has got the power to serve you well in different kinds of shooting purposes. It is a CO2 type of a gun with a style where the gun pulls itself a bit backwards when you shoot. This is exactly the experience that you can have while shooting with a real pistol. It is a .177 caliber pistol, which is the best and in the demand caliber for the pellet pistols.

The textured grip allows you great control along with a rifled steel barrel. It has a magazine capable of holding 16 pellets at a time. The velocity is a bit low at 450 FPS which is accepted by many for limited shooting needs. The weight is excellent to be at 1.5 pounds and the overall length is very compact to be at 7.8 inches to be precise.

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4. Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2

Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet and BB Revolver, Black, 8.75 x 3.50 x 13.50 inches

The revolvers may have become obsolete but not so in the best air gun category as Crosman manufacturer is doing a good job in keeping them alive and productive in the contemporary times. This a modern attempt by the manufacturer on a classical revolver style and a successful one.

This CO2 type gun has a 10 shot pellet magazine and a 6 shot BB clip. The rifled steel barrel is smooth with 6 inch length. It can shoot with accuracy and precision with a velocity of 435 FPS. You will have the option to exploit single or the double action shooting. The frame is made from metal and you will find it difficult to differentiate between a real and an best air gun from a distance. The system also has an adjustable rear sight and a tactical rail system.

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5. Crosman Bolt Action CO2-Powered Pistol

Crosman 2240 Bolt Action Single-Shot CO2-Powered .22-Caliber Air Pistol , Black

Crosman manufacturer of pellet guns has got enormous variety for all types of needs and requirements of the user. This is another cool system from the manufacturer that offers good value to the user interested in buying a .22caliber gun. It is a bolt action single shot type of a pistol. It has the ability to shoot with precision with a 460 FPS velocity.

This is a CO2 powered gun, which most of the shooters demands to have. You will find it extremely viable for target shooting and pest control needs. The price is also not a worry and will fall within the range of many customers out there.

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6. Gamo P-25 Blowback Pellet Pistol

Gamo 611138054 P-25 Blowback CO2 Powered .177 Caliber Air Pistol,Black

For those who need a pellet in order to get accurate and quick shots for hunting or shooting needs, this could be the best match. It’s the latest design having a lightweight and structured in a way to give an easy handling and accurate hit in your first attempt. It has the caliber of .177 and offers a semi automatic blow back. There are fixed fiber optic sights for better targeting. This pellet gun is designed in a way that provides maximum grip and easy operating features to give you the best shooting experience in an easy way.

The grip on the gun is being textured to give you flaw free handling. It is made of a sturdy metal body. It’s a new Gamo pellet gun that has the velocity of about 450FPS for quicker action. This pistol has been powered by CO2 and crafted to give you the maximum accuracy and quicker shot. In order to give you better velocity there is an extended barrel to give you increased velocity of about 560FPS when used with PBA pellets. It also comes with laser or a tactile light for better targeting.

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7. Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air Pistol

Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air Pistol (.177)

This Benjamin Break barrel pistol could be a great option for hunter or for those who need to have a quick companion for the pest controlling problems. Having a velocity of about 625 FPS it can shoot your target within seconds in a quick way. This pistol works using the Nitro piston technology to give you quick and accurate shot and the piston powered barrels provide about 70 percent less noise as compared to other gun in the same category.

The Rifled steel barrel is there for a an easy and quick shot. It has a high quality fiber optic for front sight and also has rear sight aid. The overall built of the gun is sturdy and smooth. It has a synthetic frame and has the ability to provide cocking aid for and easy loading in every round and better shooting experience. It has the caliber of .177 and can be a great gun to hunt quickly without wasting any time.

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8. Beeman P17 Deluxe Pellet Pistol

Beeman P17 Deluxe Pellet Pistol with Red Dot

This Beeman specimen is ones of the most easy to shoot and best air gun in the market. It gives maximum accuracy and velocity with its single pump.The velocity range is up to 410 FPS. There is no recoil and also don’t need any CO2 power for this action.the trigger is smooth and requires little effort to take it into its action. Its well structures design provides great grip with grooved finger grips. It’s a lightweight gun that offers ease for the user.

The caliber is .177 and offers single stroke pneumatic action. There is a front and rear sight aids with adjustable positioning options according to the wind and elevation requirements.The overall design and structure is pretty cool and structured in a way that gives a perfect shot in your first attempt.

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How to Choose Air Pistol?

air pistol buying guide

The basic facts that we need to take care of during searching the best air pistol are the intention and the working range as well as other features like power supply or type or trigger quality.

The Intention Behind Air Pistol

It Is always important to know what exactly you are going to do with the best air gun. It is said that air guns can be used for any purposes but the truth is customized air guns are always better than general ones. Best air gun specially made for particular purposes always keep you one step ahead if you really know your purpose.

Most of the times the answer is 50% hunting and 50% pest control but there are other purposes as well like shooting competition which requires a different air gun for best result. Based on that particular purpose pick the one that compliments your need and skill.

How Far You are Setting Your Target

There are specific ranges for different air guns. So it would be better to have a clear view of you target range. We divide air guns in four categories depending on the distances it tend to cover. They are light, medium, high or magnum and super-magnum. You can shoot any target at any distance with any of these guns but if you want optimum result then it would be wise to go for something customized. Light air guns easily cover 35 yards while medium guns tend to cover around 50 yards. You can still use light guns but the medium guns will serve the purpose in better manner and that is an advantage here. Magnum air guns are more likely to cover 60-75 yards with great efficiency but if you are planning to shoot anything that is around 80 yards away from you then trust super-magnum guns.

These are two most important question you should ask yourself while buying an best air gun but there are other factors too.

Gun Type

There are various types of guns available in the market like PCP, gas rum, springer etc. Some of them don’t require scope, some don’t have recoils, some are heavier and others are have special features. Depending upon your need and the most suitable rifle for that you need to pick the best one from the market which has plenty of them to create any kind of confusion.


Cocking pumping and other activities demand different power sources in their air guns. So choosing the right one is very important for best result.

Personal choices

Personal preferences matter a lot in such cases. Because you are the one who needs to handle this gun for gaming throughout the session. So consider your style and other convenience details and go for the appropriate one. Besides that you should also need to look into the fit and firing side and some other basic details.

FAQS on Air Pistol

To minimize the field of confusion, here we will discuss about some frequently asked questions on air pistols.

1. Is it okay to have more power than 12ft/lbs.?

2. What are the best pellet?

3. Does the pallet get slowed down due to tighter rifling?

Safety issues regarding air pistol

While using air guns the beginner must keep some basic facts on mind. First of all s/he should have a clear view on the target or shooting direction. No matter what difficulties you are facing, you must think of a safe direction.

Then comes the triggering which is the most important part of shooting. It would be wise to keep the finger off the trigger till you are ready to use it.

Next thing you should know about air pistol is that unless and until you are using it, keep the gun unloaded. Not only that, always look for what is beyond your target and operate the gun safely. Apart from these, you should use proper projectile, wear ear and eye protection, never take alcohol or drug before using rifle and more importantly always be careful of who can get hold your gun.

Misuse of air pistols and consequences

Any kind of misuse of your registered air rifle can get in into serious trouble. You should not let your children get hold of the gun. Using firearms if you are under 18 years is unacceptable in many countries and the parents would be equally responsible for any kind of mishap. If you misplace you air rifle you should go or legal help because if it causes any accident you will be responsible and charged for the whole event.

These will help you throughout the process to have the best air pistol for you.

Things you didn’t know about best pump shotguns

Though air pistols are a good way to hunt, the best pump shotguns can eliminate your worries in one go. These are not the fancy types. But yeah, they do have frills. And most importantly, they do the work. But what do they need? They need to be abused a lot.

One more thing it that best pump shotguns are lighter, and less expensive in comparison with the other guns. Plus, it is more effective as it fires a shot and not just a single bullet. Lastly, shotguns are one of the most popular equipment and still have a place in the world.


There is always an option for everyone who has realistic needs. You have got work cut out to skim out the best gun from a heap of products. The gun ideally should suit your comfort. It must be suitable according to the reason for which you want to have a gun. The main things that you require to check are the caliber of the gun, speed of shooting, type and most importantly the technology. It is advised to do a little bit of research about all these parameters to reach the right decision. If everything is properly evaluated, then surely you will have a top gun ready to lock it for a purchase.

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