9 Best Holographic Sight 2023 Review – New Edition

If you’re using your firearm for long-range shooting, you can do well with attaching a holo sight. These devices increase your focus on the target and allow for accurate shots.

There are many kinds of optics to choose from in the market. You’ll find red dot sights, holographic sights, and the most common reflex sight. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Editor's Pick
EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
Good Choice
Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight 2 MOA with Mount - 200174
Don't Miss
EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight
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Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight, blk
EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight 2 MOA with Mount - 200174
EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight
Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight, blk
Editor's Pick
EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
Good Choice
Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight 2 MOA with Mount - 200174
Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight 2 MOA with Mount - 200174
Don't Miss
EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight
EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight
Also Consider
Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight, blk
Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight, blk

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Amongst the three, however, holographic sights tend to give you the best performance edge. This is why, today, we will be looking into some of the best holographic sights in the market. Our in-depth guides will enhance your knowledge and aid your decision-making process.

Holographic Sight Comparison in 2023

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Best Holographic Sight Review

Choosing the right holographic sight can be a perplexing thought. Lucky for you, we have narrowed down some of the best options in the market. Let’s take a look!

#1 EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

With a length of almost 4 inches and weighing in at 9 ounces, the EXPS2 features one of the best designs EOTech has so far. The sight manages to save tons of rail space by optimizing many of its basic features.

As with the most common holographic weapon optics, you would have to use regular AA batteries. Housing these batteries in a holographic sight increases the weight and length of the device as a whole.

And so, EOTech switched to a 123 lithium battery instead. Not only does this take up less space, but it also provides 600 hours of battery life with ease.

When we talk about specifications, the EXPS2 comes bearing almost all the basic functions you’d expect a good holographic sight to have. The dot reticle is a 68MOA circle that comes in two dot variants. This gives you a more flexible option to choose your reticle based on your comfort.

Furthermore, swapping out the regular bulky batteries for the 123 lithium ones made the holographic sight compact and more water-resistant.

The new batteries do not need a separate housing cap and latch as the AAs did. Instead, they are fitted into small sections with a tethered cap that provides better sealing. This reduces the gaps for water to seep into the inside of the sight.


  • Small and compact sight body design
  • Weighs 9 ounces, which is lighter than the average holo sight
  • Doesn’t take up too much rail space and allows for other attachments
  • 123 Lithium battery design provides better sealing
  • Comes in two reticle options with color choices


  • 123 Lithium batteries are not easily available as AAs

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#2 EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

Featuring a classic design, the 512 is one of EOTech’s oldest holographic sight on the market. Although it has been around for quite a long time, it has some of the best specifications you can find.

Tight on the budget but still want high-quality sights from EOTech? No problem. The 512 is just right for you. While it does come with a rather classical design, it packs almost the same punch as the new age sights. The laser transmitter and metal body used are the same as most other products from EOTech.

If you’re planning long hunting camps, the battery on this sight will last you for ages. Harnessing the power of store-bought alkaline batteries, you will easily get up to 600 hours of battery life. Switch to using lithium batteries instead of alkaline ones, and you can bump it up to 1000 hours!

Also, the 512 lets you switch power consumption settings in order to save power when not needed. This can be useful in situations where you’re running low on juice and forgot to pack an extra set of batteries.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Provides over 600 hours of extended battery life
  • The construction of the sight is tough and durable
  • Offers 20 different brightness settings
  • Water-resistant up to 10 feet
  • Versatile as it is compatible with both 1-inch Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails


  • Large body due to the battery compartment
  • Carries a bit of weight

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#3 Holosun HS510C Circle Dot Open Reflex Sight

Holosun HS510C Circle Dot Open Reflex Sight

To bring variation into our list of holographic sights, we have picked out this hidden gem of a sight from Holosun. The HS510C is a great addition to any firearm, given its reliability and durable build.

Constructed from 6061 Aluminum, the body of the sight is strong and lightweight. Holosun has gone even further and integrated a Titanium-alloyed hood, enhancing its shock-resisting properties. No doubt this will outlive some of the best holographic sights out there.

Other than durability, the HS510C houses innovations within its lenses to sharpen your accuracy. The 32mmx24mm open lens comes with three different reticles to choose from. Whether in the dunes or the forest, the multiple reticle system will let you choose the one most suitable.

What’s more, the power output on this sight is truly incomparable. The built-in battery will provide you with good service for up to 5 years! It doesn’t stop there; solar cells have been fit into the device to give you extended power output as well.

Furthermore, the design of the body has been made after putting in much thought. The HS510C features a parallax-free optical shape that reduces the stress on your eyes. This can be quite a blessing on those long hunting days.


  • Dual power source with batteries and solar cells
  • Motion sensor turns sight on when it senses movement
  • Parallax optical design reduces pressure on eyes
  • Titanium alloy hood boost shock-resistance
  • Offers 3 different dot reticle options
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter
  • Lightweight construction


  • Does not feature adjustable brightness settings
  • Requires a specific screwdriver to access the battery

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#4 EOTECH HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight – EXPS2-2

EOTECH HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight – EXPS2-2

This hybrid holographic sight from EOTech will drastically change your long-range shooting game. Submersible in up to 33ft of water, this is one sight that is here for the long run. When you pair the magnifier with the features of the sight, you will truly receive one of the best shooting experiences ever.

The first major advantage you notice with the HHS II is its G33 Magnifier. Included with the sight, you will receive a magnifier with 3x zooming capabilities. Also, when you use the 3x magnification, the center 1 MOA dot remains unchanged, boosting your accuracy.

Using the G33 is fairly easy with its quick attachment system. When you want to focus on close-range shots, the switch-to-side mount functionality lets you switch to just the sight. This can be pretty useful when you’re having to switch from mid-range to close-range shots.

Moreover, the clarity of the glass is immeasurable. Whether you’re shooting in darker lighting or during the day, the glass will give you the clearest field of view.

When paired with the adjustable brightness feature, you are truly in control of your shots. Even the best holographic sight may not give you that.

In terms of power, EOSTech has omitted the use of your regular AA batteries. Instead, you will require 123 Lithium batteries, which help reduce the use of rail space. This gives you the flexibility of installing other attachments alongside your holographic sight.


  • Submersible in water up to 33 feet
  • Makes use of 123 Lithium batteries, which take up less space
  • 20 brightness settings to choose from
  • Included G33 magnifier with 3x zooming
  • Switch-to-side mount function lets you switch to close-range shooting


  • Does not contain night-vision functionalities


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#5 Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight with Mount – 2 MOA

Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight 2 MOA with Mount - 200174

At last, we begin to finish off our list with this ACO Red dot reflex sight from Aimpoint. Made specifically for sporting/hunting rifles, this holographic sight will give you a whole new shooting experience. Right out the box, you can directly fit the unit on to your firearm.

The height of the mount is designed to set the optical axis at 39 millimeters. This is to maintain the height of standard iron sights, reducing the need to adjust and adapt to new settings. You can also adjust the elevation and windage in order to get a comfortable angle at the target.

Moving on, this device is durable and will undoubtedly stay for the long haul. With proper sealing all around the holographic weapon sight, water is no issue at all. Drop it in water or take some shots in the pouring rain; this sight will survive them all.

Looking deeper into the construction of this holographic sight, we can only say good things. Made with high strength aluminum with a semi-matte black finish, the aesthetics are truly mesmerizing. The aluminum construction allows the sight to be durable without compensating in terms of weight.


  • Entirely waterproof
  • Up to 10,000 hours of constant service time
  • 9 low light and daylight brightness adjustment settings
  • Mount set up for co witnessing standard heights of iron sights
  • Aluminum build for enhanced durability


  • Scope doesn’t offer zooming capabilities


What to Look for Before Buying

Before you go pick out what you think is the best holographic sight, there are certain factors you need to consider. These will allow you to understand better which sight works best for you.


The first thing you’ll need to note down is the brand of the holographic sight you prefer investing your money on. For many years now, all the holographic sights have been manufactured by EOTech. This has given the required edge over other companies and allowed them to create a monopoly.

Quite recently, however, Vortex Optics and many others have entered the market with their own set of holographic sights to challenge the leaders. Soon enough, they stirred up quite the competition.

While all these brands are well reputed, you need to look into each holo sight individually and narrow down your choices. Most of them will offer the same specifications, but it all comes down to preference in the end.

Battery Life

Okay, so, imagine being out in the wild and having to install new batteries onto your holographic sight constantly, annoying right?
Most holo sights will last you for hours before having to switch up the batteries.

You must also focus on whether you’ll be needing long battery life over other specifications. This does require larger batteries, which, in turn, will add to your holographic sight’s weight.

So make sure you know what you’re losing when going for extended battery life.

Night Vision

Night Vision

Not all holographic sights night vision compatible. This is a feature that will be specifically mentioned on the specs sheet of your sight. Much like all the other factors, your purpose and preference play a big role in prioritizing these features.

If you’re always looking to hunt during the night time or love camping outdoors, this is something you’d need. A Night vision sight can be really useful when you need to take down targets in the dead of night.

We must inform you that the availability of this function comes at an increased price tag. If you’re on a tight budget and prefer daylight hunting, then we’d suggest you skip out on this feature.

Reticle Color

Once you have selected your reticle, you need to decide on its color. The two basic colors available on holo sights are red and green, among which red is the most common.

Now, red is a basic reticle color because it contrasts with most targets on your sight. When you look into most dark or light backgrounds, the red reticle creates a good contrast in order to stand out. This allows for easy aiming and guidance.

On the other hand, the green reticle is a good alternative when you’re shooting in warm color-toned areas. Whether it be the desert or times when the sun is setting, a green reticle will stand out better than the red.

Reticle Type

Reticle Type

This next consideration is entirely based on comfort. When you look into your holographic sight, the red dot that you see is called the reticle. The main aim of the reticle is to help you align your shots better. It also helps to increase your accuracy.

The most common reticle you’ll find is the red circle dot version, which comes with all basic holographic sights. For those of you who want to experience newer designs, you can look into the 2 or 4 dot reticle variants that increase your accuracy range. This entirely depends on comfort and your own skill of shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which holo sights are military grade?

Most of the holographic sights used by the military have come from EOTech. They have continuously succeeded in meeting the quality standards set by the military in terms of the build material and spec requirements.

What does co witnessing mean?

Co witnessing refers to using iron sights along with your holographic sights. You will come across two types of co witnessing, Absolute co witness, and lower one-third co witness.

Absolute co witnessing doesn’t require you to adjust your head too much as the holographic reticle is in front of the iron sight. However, in the lower one-third co witness, the front sight post shows up in the lower third of the glass. The reticle, however, remains in the center of the holographic glass.

What does co witnessing mean

Should I use Lithium or alkaline AA batteries?

You can use either of these options if your holographic sight is running a AA battery set up. Lithium batteries will tend to give you more power output over alkaline batteries.

Does extra brightness affect battery life?

Indeed, it does. When using your full brightness options during low light shooting, it will consume more battery life than normal. The best holographic sights will optimize battery output with performance to give you the best combination.

Should I go for the green or red reticle?

Both the reticles have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It would be best to choose one that is best visible to you in both dark and light conditions.

Final Words

Choosing the best holographic sight can be a decision that takes a lot of factors into consideration. With most of the sights offering similar features, there is no true right option. It all depends on which model you’re most comfortable with.

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