Best AR-15 Rifles Review in 2023 – New Edition

One of the most well-known rifles is the AR-15. It is an adaptable, flexible, and customizable platform across the globe. Well, this can be used in various applications, such as hunting, tactical shooting, home and self-defense, and recreational sports shooting.

But you need one that suits your purpose. One misconfiguration in the set-up will place you in a technical constraint that will certainly frustrate you. That is why you have to choose only best AR-15 rifles.

After reading this article, you will be able to garner some good ideas about the different rifles of this kind and how can various configurations make a huge difference. With this, you will be able to come up with a decision to choose only the best.

Best AR-15 Rifles Comparison

Bravo Company - Recce-16 KMR-A RECCE-16 KMR-A 16IN
  • MAKE : BCM
Bravo Company – Recce-14 KMR-A RECCE-14 KMR-A 14.5IN
  • MAKE : BCM
  • BARREL LENGTH : 14.5″
Bravo Company - Mid-16 Mod 0 MID-16 MOD 0 16IN
  • MAKE : BCM
Bushmaster Firearms International XM 15 M4A3 rifle XM-15 M4A3 16IN
Radical Firearms - Rifle 16 458 Socom (.936) RIFLE 16″ 458 SOCOM
LWRC International - IC-SPR IC-SPR 14IN 5.56X45MM
Ruger - AR-556® MPR AR-556® MPR
  • MAKE : AR-15
Wilson Combat - Ar9 Carbine 9mm Beretta Mag AR 9 CARBINE 9MM
LWRC International - DI 5.56 DI 16.1IN 5.56X45MM
  • BARREL LENGTH : 16.1″
Daniel Defense - DDM4 V7 DDM4 V7 16IN

Best AR-15 Rifles Review in 2023

best ar-15 rifles review in 2023 - new edition

Indeed, you will find a lot of selections on the market today, and choosing the one that suits all your preferences can be tough. It all comes in different designs and specifications, and it’s just getting harder for you.

Below is the list that shows the line-up of our 15 most recommended best AR-15 rifles. Reviewed carefully and thoroughly, you will find the best ones here. So let’s get started!

Bravo Company – Recce-16 KMR-A

Bravo Company - Recce-16 KMR-A

The first one on the list is from one of the top tier manufacturers in the world. Bravo Company has been popular because of its stern tolerances and exceptionally high-quality control. This is their way of making sure that every product that goes out from then is one of the most trusted in the field.

And this product is made from the best materials, skills, and components that its manufacturer can offer. The barrel is made from 11595E certified steel, making it durable enough to withstand any force. It is a 16-inch USGI-profiled barrel with a twist rate of about 1 inch to 7 inches.

Much more, the approximate weight of this rifle is only about 6.1 pounds with a length of around 32.5 inches when collapsed and 35.5 inches when extended. Much more, the cartridge of this rifle is a 5.56 mm NATO, and the maximum magazine capacity reaches up to 30+1 rounds.

This fantastic rifle features the M4 feed ramp barrel extension and the M4 flat top receiver making it a mil-spec (military specification) equipment and assembly!

And of course, it would not be complete without all the included BCM gunfighter upgrades! This will surely make your friends envy what you have. Some of the included upgrades are BCM KMR-A13 free-float handguard, BCM gunfighter charging handle, BCM MOD 3 pistol grip, BCM PNT trigger, and many more.

This best AR-15 rifles possesses a lot of amazing features that makes it stand-out among other AR-15 rifles with the same price range. It is surely one for the books!


  • Great reliability and accuracy
  • Ergonomics and aesthetics is commendable
  • Chrome-lined bore and chamber
  • The entire barrel has a manganese-phosphate finish


  • Expensive

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Bravo Company – Recce-14 KMR-A

Bravo Company – Recce-14 KMR-A

Another best AR-15 rifles from the Bravo Company has made it to our picks, and it is justifiable why. This gun has a lot of great features that you will love for sure. Let’s get into it then!

Recce rifles utilize a mid-length gas system that allows more weapon control and enables it to run smoothly. With this, the sight radius is also increased, providing better accuracy when working with iron sights.

The overall length is about 31.5 inches when collapsed and 34.5 inches when extended. Also, the weight of this rifle is approximately 6.3 pounds making it comfortable to carry. Much more, the test carbine can come with a bronze Cerakote finish though other colors are available also.

Furthermore, the upper receiver of the rifle is constructed with 7076-T6 forgings and a hard-coat anodized. The length of the barrel is about 14.5 inches long, and when added with a compensator, it reaches about 16 inches. It is made of certified mil-spec 11595E barrel steel with a manganese phosphate finish.

To make sure that barrels are sturdy enough, it undergoes a high-pressure test or proof load. Then, it is followed by a magnetic particle inspection to ensure that there are no flaws and defects on the barrel. So when we talk about high-quality control, this one wants to lead.

While other manufacturers cut corners regarding the bolt group, BCM took a turn. The hardened bolt carrier is chrome-lined and full-auto profiled. Much more, using mil-spec fasteners the gas key is appropriately staked.

And this won’t be also complete without the different BCM upgrades. Each has a role to play when attached to your rifle. For example, the BCM Mod compensator is doing a great job in maintaining the muzzle level. It is also not as loud as others making it way more user-friendly on the firing line.


  • It is accurate and reliable
  • Sturdy and rigid
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes with a lot of upgrade accessories
  • Aesthetic


  • The muzzle brake is the weak point

Bravo Company – Mid-16 Mod 0

Bravo Company - Mid-16 Mod 0

The third spot on the list is still captured once again by Bravo — one of the top leading manufacturers in the firearm industry, and making it on the list for the third time just proves that it can surely deliver! Now, let’s get down about the features and specifications of this product.

For starters, BCM MID-16 rifle is a particularly long gun with a 16-inch barrel and utilizes a mid-length gas system. It is a full-thickness barrel with a twist of 1 inch to 7 inches. Additionally, the bore and chamber have chrome-lined and a standard A2 spec is used for a muzzle brake or flash suppressor.

Also, the barrel is surrounded by a certain forearm. In front, you will find a standard A-frame front sight housing that allows you to have quarter-click adjustments for elevation. And in the flat top rail, there will be an installed flip-up or flip-down adjustment for the rear sight.

This one of the best AR-15 rifles has a maximum magazine capacity of 30+1 rounds and a cartridge of 5.56 mm NATO. The overall length of this rifle is about 32.5 inches when it is collapsed and is about 35.5 inches when it is expanded. Surely, it will be suited for applications like hunting, self-defense, tactical, or even on your target practice.

Like the standard M4, it also features the same pistol grip and six-position retractable stock. Much more, the upper and lower receivers are made of forged 7075-T6 aluminum components. The trigger is just the same as with the standard AR, but rest assured that there will be no play or slop when pressing the trigger.


  • High-quality construction
  • Has quarter-click elevation adjustments
  • Less recoil, more controlled
  • More controllable during fast and multi-shot sessions
  • Mid-length gas system


  • Costly

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Bushmaster Firearms International – XM-15 M4A3

Bushmaster Firearms International - XM-15 M4A3

If you want a world-class rifle from one of the leading distributors of firearms in the US, then look no further than this product. It is famous for top-notch rifles, especially its best AR-15 rifles variants.

Due to its value, accuracy, and reliability, this has become the pick for most AR-15 consumers on the market. Its manufacturer proudly asserts that their firearms are designed and constructed to meet or exceed the US military standards.

To ensure its durability and accuracy, the receivers are finished with Teflon-coated 7075-T6 anodize, and the 16-inch chrome-lined barrel has a twist rate of 1 to 7 inches. They surely work together to work wonders for this rifle.

As for its speed and efficiency, it is constructed with the classic M16 bolt carrier and M4 feed ramps. Bolt carrier provides smoother cycling, and feed ramps are utilized for better feeding.

Remarkably, the rear of the gun has been designed to have exceptional capabilities. First things first, the mil-spec six-position stock greatly aids shooters to adjust according to their precise preferences.

In addition to its durability, a mil-spec receiver extension or buffer tube is installed. It also developed the utilization of a stake castle nut to deal with its stability.

The M4 is made with forged lower and upper receivers. As for its carry handles, A3 is utilized, and this is the detachable type that allows access to a Picatinny rail.

This rifle is versatile enough to accept all sorts of AR-15/M16 STANAG/NATO magazines. You can also choose between 2 available various flash suppressors.

With all its features and specification, you cannot go wrong with this rifle! Never miss the opportunity to have one in your hands.


  • Coated with manganese-phosphate for protection against corrosion
  • Built to last
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Has cartridge case deflector
  • Round bolt hold-open
  • Raised ridges to protect magazine release button


  • Some experiences defect on the trigger

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Radical Firearms – Rifle 16″ 458 Socom (.936)

Radical Firearms - Rifle 16 458 Socom (.936)

Next on our list is this rifle from Radical Firearms. This possesses a lot of amazing and notable features; no wonder it is getting a lot of love from the consumers. Well then, let’s get down to its details and specifications.

This 458 SOCOM rifle is considered to be a full package deal. A combination of a mil-spec (military specification) lower receiver and a law-enforcement grade upper receiver does the job of the rifle.

The 16-inch barrel of this rifle is made of a 4150 Chrome-moly vanadium steel, which assures you that it is durable enough. A new and improved Melonite treatment is utilized for the finishing of this rifle instead of the common chrome finish. Nevertheless, it does not compromise its accuracy due to this.

Much more, the same finish is applied to the bolt carrier groups. Its purpose is to increase reliability and prevent the receiver from wearing easily. To have assurance with its quality, the heads of the bolts are MIL-STD and undergo MPI.

The free-float handguard keeps your hands feel cool and comfortable while utilizing this rifle. Also, it provides a lot of room for any upgrades and accessories.

For a bonus feature, its forward guard shield allows the installation of Magpul Moe attachments and RF rail sections. Also, this gives the rifle the capability to put in different attachments other than the top of Picatinny rail.


  • Has a twist rate of 1-14 inches
  • Has direct gas impingement
  • Gas tube made of stainless steel, carbine-length
  • Accuracy is great
  • Coated with Melonite
  • Affordable


  • Stock is not adjustable

LWRC International – IC-SPR

LWRC International - IC-SPR

This IC-SPR rifle from LWRC International has made it to our top picks for best AR-15 rifles. It is made using materials of high-quality and holds tons of great features that is why this is one of the most commendable products on the market.

Delivering you the rifle with the highest level of performance, it is built with a patented short-stroke gas piston system that is self-regulating. The gas piston system can be easily and quickly accessed by loosening two thumbscrews.

Also, materials that are from the superalloy family are machined together to build a sturdy rifle. Definitely, this rifle has raised the bar of standards regarding the ease of maintenance and reliability of the product.

Much more, it utilizes a low-profile and a fixed gas block for the system of pistons. It also comes with a 12-inch convenient and user-friendly rail system. Equipped with skirmish sights, it has become the latest evolution in the line of this product.

A gas block is built in the BCG, eliminating the possibility of breakage, especially when you have sessions that require you to shoot a hundred times more rounds. Also, lefties will have no problem in using this rifle.

Considered as an amazing all-around 5.56 rifle, it is designed to possess all the popular features only LWRC can use, such as the SPR modular rail system, fluted barrel, and Ambi controls. With this, it is claimed by the LWRC to be their flagship and most well-known model yet!


  • Adjustable Compact Stock
  • High-efficiency performance
  • Comes with an enhanced fire control group
  • Flip-up skirmish sights
  • Ambidextrous charging handle
  • For attachments, it has Picatinny rail sections


  • Inefficient handguard

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Ruger – AR-556® MPR

Ruger - AR-556® MPR

If you want to obtain a rifle that has great features and is multi-purpose in one, then this is the perfect choice for you. It has become so popular in a short period since it was released. Keep on reading to find out why!

Ruger AR-556 MPR is designed and made to suit the category of sporting, such as competition or target shooting. Not only limited for that application, but also the more common genre of tactical. And for sure, it will perform well on either field.

Furthermore, the upper and lower receivers are both machined from forgings and anodized with a hard-coat. Also, the trigger is the company’s very own elite 4.5-pound 452 two-stage trigger.

The bolt carrier has its surface on the inside to be chrome-plated and is ensured to be staked properly so it cannot loosen easily. While the exterior has undergone an oxide finish with a matte-black color. This also prevents corrosion from occurring in your rifle.

Much more, the bolt itself is made from a 9310 alloy steel. It is also shot-peened and pressure-proof tested to ensure the integrity and strength of the structure. The rifle has an 18-inch cold hammer-forged barrel that has a twist rate of 1-8″ and a precise 5R rifling.

It utilizes a rifle-length gas system that comes with a low-profile gas block. The chamber is a 5.56 NATO, which allows the use of both .223 and 5.56 mm. You can also attach any muzzle device such as suppressors, flash hiders, and the like. Its muzzle comes with an installed Ruger Compensator.


  • Multi-purpose rifle
  • Less recoil because of the long gas system
  • Slim and stiff handguard
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with an enhanced fire control system


  • Slightly heavier because of its long barrel

Wilson Combat – Ar9 Carbine 9mm Beretta Mag

Wilson Combat - Ar9 Carbine 9mm Beretta Mag

Next on our list is this converted AR-15 from Wilson Combat. But the manufacturer upholds that it is not just a simple converted AR-15, this 9 mm carbine has been designed and made with specifics to provide superior accuracy and maximum reliability.

The flat-top upper and lower receivers are made of Billet-AR 7075 aluminum. It is then anodized and coated with an armor-tuff finish. This gives your rifle a rich and silky feel. There are also a variety of colors to choose from when you buy from Wilson Combat.

Commonly, the fixed ejector is attached on the lower side, but this rifle uses a more subtle method, installing it on the breech face of its bolt. This rifle has an excellent tactical trigger, which is non-adjustable and a two-stage trigger. This one of the best AR-15 rifles has a pre-set pull weight of lbs.

Furthermore, a free-floating handguard made of aluminum is installed in the MR9, and it is called TRIM (Tactical Rail Interface Modular). This allows you to attach a rail for pieces of accessories at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

Also, on either side of the handguard, you will find two integral push-button for sling attachment points. And on top of it is a Picatinny rail that is attached to the upper receiver’s rail.

AR9 is equipped with a low-profile and spring-loaded QDS or the Quick Deploy Sights. The front sight can be utilized to make adjustments for its elevation, while the rear sight can be for adjustments for windage.


  • Semi-automatic and blowback-operated
  • Has a twist rate of 1-10 inches
  • Equipped with Wilson Combat’s tactical trigger
  • Comes with a flash hide
  • Precise shooting
  • Easy rapid fire
  • Offers less recoil


  • Oversized bolt and magazine release button

Noveske Gen Iii N4 Spr Centerfire Rifle

Noveske Gen Iii N4 Spr Centerfire Rifle

Next up is this rifle from Noveske. It is made of different amazing features that justifies why it made to our list of recommended best AR-15 rifles. Let’s get into it then!

First and foremost, it features an adjustable gas block that is pinned into the barrel.It is a low-profile gas block that helps enhance the reliability of the rifle, especially when utilizing a suppressor.

When you want to take continuous shots, you want it to be accurate. No need to worry because this rifle can give that to you. With the use of its 15-inch barrel made of stainless steel with attached extended feed ramps and a rate of twist of about 1-7 inches rifling, it can surely deliver the accuracy that you want!

To make sure that it will provide you with long-lasting performance, it is constructed with precisely machined 7075-T6 aluminum. Tungsten cerakote ceramic coating, which is type III hard coat, will give you that nice finish for your rifle.

It possesses a lot of commendable features, such as staked quick-detach endplate ALG defense ACT trigger, Geissele Super Badass charging handle, and more. Surely, with all these features, it is likely to be loved by most shooters around the world. It may be costly but the quality is worth the price.

And to ensure that you will be able to comfortably hold your rifle, the manufacturer utilized a Miad pistol grip. It is also equipped with 16.7 inches of free-floating handguard that comes with a top rail.


  • Low-profile adjustable gas block
  • Aluminum construction, precision-machined
  • Coated with Cerakote ceramic
  • Ensures high accuracy


  • Expensive

LWRC International – DI 5.56

LWRC International - DI 5.56

Another great rifle from one of the top AR manufacturers, LWRC International, has earned a spot on our line-up. This manufacturer is known for their very commitment to every aspect of creating and designing a rifle. And this DI rifle is a product of it!

This LWRCI direct impingement rifle is one of the most interesting firearms on the market. It has gone through a lot of history indeed, but has surpassed all of it and is loved by many today.

Remarkably, This best AR-15 rifles is one of the most outstanding products in the firearm industry, which is packed with amazing noteworthy features. Because of this, it has received an award twice – the NRA Golden Bulls Eye Award.

The rifle is constructed with a fluted cold hammer-forged barrel with a length of 16.1 inches. If you wonder why a fluted barrel is used in rifles, then here’s the answer. It is a factor that allows faster cooling of the barrel and shaves off unnecessary weight, and it is not something that you can find anywhere.

Also, the barrel has an angle of twist of about 1-7 inches and is equipped with an A2 flash hider, which can be very advantageous in many ways. It comes with M-LOK free-floated handguard. Also, the controls of the rifle are all ambidextrous. So using this won’t be a problem with a lefty.

As they say, a trigger can either make or break your rifle. The trigger of this product is absolutely good. It has an average pull weight of about 6 pounds, which can definitely snap. And it comes with a great reset too!


  • Keyless bolt carrier design
  • Nickel-Boron finish
  • Excellent trigger
  • Accuracy is great
  • Lightweight


  • No flip-up sights
  • Magwell can be too tight initially

Daniel Defense – DDM4 V7

Daniel Defense - DDM4 V7

If you are searching for one of the best AR-15 rifles variants in the market today, then you just found it! This DDM4 V7 rifle belongs to the company’s top products, which integrates most of the great features that consumers want for this kind of weapon.

The upper and lower receivers are built with a CNC machine and 7075-T6 aluminum. When it comes to aesthetics, this won’t come last! You will have options between a stenciled “Rattlecan” where the natural look of the skin scale of reptile is an inspiration or the dark earth Cerakoted milspec+.

For the lower receiver of this firearm, it features a flared mag well, a quick-detach sling swivel attachment points, and an ambidextrous safety level. And as for the upper one, you will find M4 feed ramps and indexing marks.

One of its notable features is its pistol grip. It is factory-issued by Daniel’s defense, which has a soft-touch insert and is manufactured out of polymer. The same goes for the stock.

Furthermore, its 16-inch government-profiled barrel is made of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel that is cold hammer-forged. Also, it is chrome-lined and is finished with a mil-spec heavy-phosphate coating. In addition to what it offers, it comes with a 1-7 inches rifling pitch and a TPI muzzle thread.

To ensure the quality of the rifle, the barrel undergoes different tests such as high-pressure testing (HP testing) and magnetic-particles inspection (MPI testing). It is also equipped with a flash hider made of 17-4 PH stainless steel with a finish of salt-bath nitride.


  • Sturdy
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic
  • HP/MPI tested
  • Enlarged trigger guard
  • Bolt carrier group are chrome-lined & mil-spec
  • Gas valves are staked properly
  • Universal compatibility


  • Plastic safety levers

Aero Precision – AC-15

Aero Precision - AC-15

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mid-length rifle, then this product is definitely for you! Aero Precision makes sure that you get the best deal by using high-quality materials and components and checking if it is properly assembled.

You will be able to utilize this cost-efficient rifle right out of the box, and you can surely upgrade it anytime you want. But let’s get down into its specific details to know why it is loved by many consumers.

For its upper receiver, it possesses a lot of features. The barrel is a 16-inch mid-length with a 5.56 NATO cartridge. It has a twist rate of about 1-7 inches and is made of 4150 chrome-moly vanadium with a QPQ corrosion-resistant finish. The handguard is a standard M4 with a heat shield.

Furthermore, the bolt carrier group features an M16 cut made of 8620 steel. It utilizes a carpenter 158 bolt that is also properly staked. To ensure quality and durability, it is finished with phosphate and undergoes the HP/MPI Testing. The muzzle comes with a standard A2 flash hider.

As for the lower receiver, it is known to be a Gen II receiver with an upper tension screw and a flared magazine as well. The kit for the lower part is a standard AR-15 kit, and also a standard mil-spec AR-15/M4 kit is used for the buffer kit.

Much more, the stock and grip of the rifle are a standard M4 collapsible and a standard A2 pistol grip, respectively.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustments are easy
  • Accurate and reliable


  • No magazine is included in the package when bought

Sig Sauer – M400 Tread

Sig Sauer - M400 Tread

If you are in search of a jack-of-all-trades rifle that goes beyond your expectations, then this product is the perfect one for you! Whether you will go hunting, joining a competition, utilizing it for self-defense, or any other recreational activities, it can do the job in almost everything!

One notable feature that can capture your eyes is its 3-pronged flash hider. It is truly functional that you cannot notice any fireball coming out from your firearm, even if shooting later in the day. Although this is not known to eliminate recoil, the shot made will be very smooth and flat.

The barrel is made of 416R stainless steel that is 16-inch long. Also, it comes with a twist rate of 1-8 inches and a mid-length gas system. A 15-inch tread handguard is installed in the rifle, which helps in providing you with a very stable platform.

Furthermore, you can comfortably grasp the rifle using the C-grip on the slim handguard. This will be advantageous, especially in moving the muzzle to aim at multiple targets and will surely eliminate the possibility of muzzle flip.

The tread’s trigger is just average and is very similar to a single-stage trigger. Nevertheless, it is a very smooth trigger with no or less grit so shooting fast will not be an issue. And also, the reset is quick and positive!

Many other controls have been improved and enhanced as well. Safety is also ambidextrous and well-built. The grip of this rifle is way better, compared to any typical A2 grips.


  • 3-pronged flash hider
  • Free-floated M-LOK handguard
  • Rotating bolt system
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Accurate
  • Ambidextrous safety


  • Stock handguard gets hot fast

Smith & Wesson – M&P15 Sport II

Smith & Wesson - M&P15 Sport II

A standard in reliability in the category of semi-automatic rifles — this is the best description for this M&P 15 SPORT II rifle. It is the ideal firearm to be used in modern sporting. But it is not only limited to sport shooting, but it can also be utilized for a wide variety of recreational activities or professional use.

It is known to be the best combination of form and function. Possessing a lot of great features, it has become one of the favorites of the consumers. Keep reading to find out why.

The barrel is 16-inch in length with a rate of twist of 1-9 inches. Also, it is equipped with a six-position stock, which is also collapsible. In addition, the front sight of this rifle is made of an A2 post sight that you can adjust, and as for the rear sight, a folding Magpul MBUS is used.

This rifle is engineered in a way that can be easily accessorized. You can put any attachments and upgrades anytime you want. Also, it is lightweight and rugged, integrating the best features.


  • Forged trigger guard
  • Equipped with a dust cover and a forward assist
  • Chromed firing pin
  • Barrel finished with Armornite
  • Compatible to any sort of AR-15 accessories and upgrades
  • Affordable


  • Gets hot easily

Colt® LE6920 Semi-Automatic Tactical Rifle

Colt® LE6920 Semi-Automatic Tactical Rifle

Last but not least, this semi-automatic rifle is specifically designed for quick target acquisition, effective firepower capability, and lightweight mobility. Yes, it can deliver in all these aspects!

It possesses features, like with that of a military Colt M4 that is perfectly suited as a law enforcement weapon system. Furthermore, its overall length is about 30.5 inches or 77.5 cm and its weight is only 6.8 pounds. With these details, it is ideal for traditional patrol or tactical deployment.

The barrel is available with a step-cut, which allows you to insert a grenade launcher when needed. Also, the handguard is made with a dual shield made of aluminum effectively protecting you from the heat of the rifle.


  • Exceptional performance
  • Accurate and reliable
  • M4 chrome-lined barrel
  • Includes muzzle compensator
  • Equipped with locking both for reliable feeding


  • Intended only for those in the military or law enforcement agencies

Things to Consider Before Buying

When you have to purchase a certain product for the first time, it may be overwhelming to choose the best and perfect one for you. This also applies when buying the AR-15 rifle that you always wanted, and it is never that easy.

You need to spend time researching to be knowledgeable about what you are going to buy. There are certain factors that you need to take into consideration beforehand. This will also prevent you from making the decision that leads to a long-term financial loss.

Here are some things that you should take into account first before making your pick.

Purpose of the Firearm

Purpose of the Firearm

Once you have decided to purchase an AR-15 rifle, the first thing you need to be aware of is the specific purpose of the firearm. This will help narrow down your search and eventually lead to the most appropriate product for you.

This rifle can surely be used in different applications. Most buyers opt to obtain firearms for target shooting, home, and self-defense, hunting, or even for competition.

Company’s Reputation

There are a lot of manufacturers in the market that produces this kind of product. It is just necessary that you would take time to do some research and read some reviews of the consumers regarding the company.

Find ways to seek some pieces of advice and suggestions from owners and professionals of AR-15 to make sure that your chosen product’s company is credible as well as proven and tested.

You should not overlook the issues that repeatedly occur on the product. It is totally common to have products with defects, but you should know that what is important is the fact that the manufacturer is actually doing something about it.

Legal Magazine Size

Some states and places have restrictions about the size of the magazine to be used. Before you buy any additional magazines for your rifle, you must be well aware of the local laws that you have in your area. This is very important if you do not want to pay for your consequences.

Warranty and Insurance

When you purchase a firearm or any accessories, you need to make sure that you have a valid warranty and insurance. Although most companies offer these, it is still safe to inquire about it beforehand. This will also save you from any issues about maintenance for the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “AR” in “AR-15” stand for?

AR stands for Armalite Rifle, named after the company that is responsible for its existence. Some mistakenly thought that it means “assault rifle.”

What are the significant characteristics of the AR-15?

AR-15 rifles are semi-automatic. These are also designed with speedy reloading, especially during combat situations. The stock absorbs the shock felt after every shot. They can also be customized with ease by adding lasers, scopes, and more.

Can anybody purchase an AR-15?

This usually depends on where you live. Like in Florida, anyone can avail AR-15 rifle as long as he is 18 and above with a clean record. They are fully regulated even though they are legal. But some states do not totally allow the ownership of such rifles.

Are AR-15 rifles considered as assault rifles?

AR-15 rifles should not be classified as assault rifle since it is not fully-automatic and it can be utilized for recreational activities such as target shooting and hunting.

What is the price range of AR-15 rifles?

You can avail it at your local shops for as low as $700, or you can obtain it for as much as $1500. There are also special ones that can get as high as $3000. It really depends upon the rifle you choose.

Final Words

The world of AR-15 rifles is indeed vast. So, in choosing one, make sure that it will serve your anticipated purpose. Doing some research and reading some reviews may be exhausting, but it will all be worth it when you have the AR-15 rifle in your hands!

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