Best AR9 Lower Review in 2023 – New edition

Whether you’re a collector of guns or just someone who wants to have it for protection, having a handgun is definitely a good idea! Perhaps, a pistol is one of the common weapons of choice for self-defense.

Not only is it easier to shoot, but it is also a handy weapon so you can carry it with comfort. And with the use of a pistol, lower receivers come in. There are various items that you can find in the market, but the AR9 lower is undoubtedly a good choice.
Just read on to find out!

AR9 Lower Comparison in 2023

AR-15 FM-9 Complete Billet Pistol Lower Receiver FOXTROT MIKE PRODUCTS – FM-9
  • Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
  • Finish: Black
  • Style: Assembled
AR-15 9mm Dedicated Lower Receiver CMMG – 9MM DEDICATED
  • Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Style: Stripped
AR-15 FM-9 9mm Billet Stripped  FOXTROT MIKE PRODUCTS – FM-9 9MM BILLET
  • Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
  • Finish: Black
  • Style: Stripped
AR-15 0940 9mm Stripped  ANGSTADT ARMS, LLC – 0940 9MM STRIPPED
  • Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
  • Finish: Black
  • Style: Stripped

Best AR9 Lower Review

If you’re looking for the finest possible option which is affordable, has the right amount of firepower, easy to use, and exactly fits your style, this review is just right for you. Let us find out some of the best in the market!

AR-15 FM-9 Complete Billet Pistol Lower Receiver

AR-15 FM-9 Complete Billet Pistol Lower Receiver

If you want a type that has a strong bolt catch, then this innovative and feature-rich product is the top choice. Featuring ambidextrous safety, this can be used whether you’re right or left-handed. Also, it interfaces with standard AR-15 upper receivers that are compatible with 9mm Glock.

The idea of a good trigger is not to pull back a long way until it breaks, and when it shatters to give little warning. So ensuring you have a strong trigger should be consistent and effective. This will also allow for a precise outcome while shooting.

This device has this characteristic since it comes with a Mil-spec GI Trigger Group that doesn’t use MIM parts, thereby allowing it to be more reliable. Also, this gives you a smoother, more stable, and less travel pull.

It contains a 6.5 oz heavy buffer. This helps to handle the recoil by controlling the bolt velocity action, regulating the cyclic rate, and ensuring that it functions well.

Not to mention, it comes with a recoil spring of 0.308 carbon steel, thus preventing malfunction while also improving operation of the pistol. The 1.2 inches pistol buffer tube is made from a 7075-T6 aluminum alloy that further strengthens the entire device.

It also comes with hard coat anodizing that maximizes its resistance to corrosion and wear. This also increases the hardness of the surface as well as improves its dielectric and thermal properties. Much more, its improved lubrication makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Included in its features is the Last Round Bold Hold Open (LRBHO) technology that steadily holds the bolt open when the magazine is empty. It is lightweight and suitable for all Glock-pattern magazines.

Much more, the design is equipped with a charging handle near the front of the handguard to allow you to load the gun easily. You don’t have to worry about any malfunction because the handle is non-reciprocating. Also, it has an ultra-light and match-grade barrel machine, which measures 7 inches long.

It’s also secured with a threaded muzzle with M-Lok accessory attachment slots that prevents your gun from any noise when you start using it and prevents any gas from directing back to you. This allows you to have the comfortable shooting experience that you’ve always dreamed of.

So if you’re looking for a device for home defense or even for sport shooting events that you want to participate in, this is undoubtedly a nice idea!


  • Glock compatible lower receivers
  • Duplicitous since it can be used in both magazine sides
  • Can be used smoothly with its fast release feature
  • Has a strong bolt catch that makes it reliable
  • Corrosion and wear-resistant
  • Comes at a cheaper price than others on the market


  • Might require some minor adjustments
  • The installation can become a challenge

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AR-15 9mm Dedicated Lower Receiver

AR-15 9mm Dedicated Lower Receiver

Designed with ejector, bolt catch, and feed ramp and harmonious working together! These features improve your 9 mm build’s reliability, stability, convenience and durability.

This kind of lower doesn’t look like a conversion since it lets you assemble a 9mm AR. It is well machined, so it gets rid of the need for a separate conversion block and reliability issues that usually result from converting a standard .223/5.56mm lower with some add-on parts.

This semi-auto lower receiver matches a modified Uzi-style 9mm or colt magazine. These magazines are one of the best choices and are sure to give you optimum performance.

It has a flush-fit mag that you can use as a back-up or reload mag. Also, this can make your gun look clean and uncluttered. Well, this lower is machined properly so that its holes, inletting, and pin locations are set to their final dimensions.

CMMG gives you the discretion of adding the trigger group, buttstock, and 9mm buffer spring. With this option, you can utilize your design and control the physical attributes of your lower. And with the use of the radial delayed blowback system, it allows your gun to operate as smoothly as possible.

Having been made from a high-grade 7075 T6 aluminum billet, it bestows greater strength, higher rigidity, and maximum durability. Much more, this is made with a heat-treatable alloy, that’s why it ensures added sturdiness.

Furthermore, it is finished with a hard coat chrome and a Teflon coat. These increase the resistance of the lower from scuffs, scratches, surface abrasion, and discoloration from solvents and gun oils, making it easier to clean.

The dedicated lower receiver comes in matte black as a bonus not only to improve its elegance and design but also to give you more pleasure when using it.


  • Can be designed depending on your own choice
  • Reliable feeding of bullets as it is pointed towards the barrel
  • Provides superb strength and rigidity
  • Resistant from grazes
  • Hard coat chrome finish


  • Only committed to specific kind of magazines
  • Do not support Last Round Bolt Hold Open (LRBHO)

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AR-15 FM-9 9mm Billet Stripped

AR-15 FM-9 9mm Billet Stripped

If you are looking for something different, why not try a pistol-caliber carbine? It is suitable for all Glock pistol magazines, thereby a good choice for home defense or sports shooting events. These receivers are stripped and matched for all standard mil-spec AR15 components.

Being compatible with all 9mm Glock-style magazines, you will surely love the overall design and construction of this lower receiver. It can accept several components, such as trigger assembly and pistol grips.

This product makes sure that extra Glock mags will come in handy by just attaching them before taking their gun out to the shooting range. And if you plan to make a 9mm AR pistol from the ground up, this is the ideal receiver.

Since it comes stripped, you can eventually customize it depending on your preference. However, you need to pre-install the proprietary magazine release and bolt release to do that.

With its features, it becomes a great hold for those who would rather prefer Glock pistols. Of course, you might not be able to use it without any Glock-style magazines, this lower receiver will be a great choice.

It is made from 7075-T6 billet aluminum—one of the most popular alloys being used today due to its great tensile and shear strength.
This is also compliant with all standard mil-spec AR-15 parts, in addition to certain features. A strong starting position for your novel PCC build is then controlled.

Overall, this is one of the top AR-9 lowers since it features last-round bolt hold-open too. So if you’re a Glock enthusiast and would want to keep firing off your Glock rounds with an AR pistol, then this is the perfect choice for you.


  • Easy installation
  • Noticeable recoil reduction due to the included buttstock
  • Lightweight
  • Super durable; can handle even large impacts
  • Trigger pull is free from grit
  • Matched for all standard mil-spec AR15 components


  • Trigger pull might be difficult for some users
  • Sights on M&P shield may not be vivid enough for those with eyesight problems

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AR-15 0940 9mm Stripped

AR-15 0940 9mm Stripped

This unit is best known for its overall durability and quality. It had no trouble fitting all kinds of other receivers and allowing various magazines of 9mm.

With the standard controls, it can be matched for all standard mil-spec AR15 components. Much more, the magazine release is nice and easy to press. Also, you can try various magazines to fit inside without any occurrence of looseness or overtightening.

Anyway, the takedown and safety pins are a little stiff, but not that bad. You can still manage to handle it. If you ever had an experience with an AR15/M4 platform, you can instantly familiarize how this product works.

It is equipped with a flared magwell which acts as a funnel that guides a loaded magazine smoothly and quickly. With this kind of magwell, reloads will be faster.

Since it is machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, it is very durable too. With its matte black anodized finish, it gives an extra layer of protection, making it resistant to scratches or even bigger impacts.

This somehow uses a threaded bolt catch screw instead of using ordinary screws on both sides, ensuring its stability to hold in place and for mounting. The above leaves the motion more in opposition.

Much more, that weighs about 10 oz, which means it can be considered lightweight already. The whole feature also makes it easier to run and more convenient when in use. And anybody can carry it, for sure.

For AR pistol builders like the AR-15 hammer, this is a great choice. You can even place this together with all the parts that you need to ensure a proper and smooth shooting feature.

The AR-15 also boasts of its last round bolt holds open (LRBHO) on an empty magazine. With that one, you can easily remove the mag, and insert a new one, allowing your gun to be back in action.

All of its features are absolutely stunning. And these are the reasons why it is one of the best lowering AR-9 Pistol you can find on the market.


  • Quick and easy reloading
  • Accepts various 9mm magazines
  • Works with different 9mm AR-15 pistols
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable device


  • Takes more time to install
  • Takedown and safety pins are little stiff

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What to Look for Before Buying?

There are many things to consider before owning a pistol lower. To ensure that you get the best one, make sure that it has all the features that you are looking for. Let us find out what these features are!

Comfort and Ease of Use

The pistol lower receiver that you must buy must not only be easy to install but should also operate smoothly and quickly. It must give you the utmost convenience while working with the pistol. Also, you should make sure that it can enhance optimum accuracy when you shoot.

Since having a heavy one could affect your pistol and degrade your performance, it has to be lightweight. This also serves as an aid to your weapon. Just remember that it is very crucial to find comfort so it won’t contribute to a strain in your hands.

Construction and Materials

The receiver should be made with the aluminum alloy, such as the 6061 or 7075-T6. These materials can ensure that your device is lightweight so you can obtain optimal versatility. Also, it assures you of strength as well as resistance from any corrosion.


You need to choose an efficient device. If you have a lower receiver that can provide such a feature, it can certainly hold 9 mm magazines, making it an ideal shooting option to use for self-defense or target practice.

Full Package and Compatibility

It is also nice to consider a product that already comes with a full package. Anyway, look for one that incorporates compatible parts, so you won’t find it difficult to fit with the mag you plan to use.


Perhaps, you are also very particular with the price range. You wouldn’t want to buy something that is overpriced. To make sure you are getting the best value for your money, check all of the features and see if it’s appropriate with the price tag.

Additional Features

You must take into account other features, such as the Last Round Bolt Hold Open (LRBHO). It is useful since it indicates when you’re out of ammo, and it allows you to reload quickly and get back to shooting.

Allowing air to pass through the barrel to cool down faster between magazine changes is one of its benefits. This is helpful if you are firing at a fast rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a lower receiver considered a pistol?

No, it is not. A lower receiver alone cannot be considered as a gun. It is just an additional accessory to the pistol that houses the fire control group and even the lower part kits of the pistol. By itself, it cannot fire a bullet.

Do I need a lower receiver for my pistol?

Of course, you need a lower receiver for your pistol. It is designated as an official part of a firearm. Without it, your pistol won’t function properly.

Was this lower receiver used for self-defense?

The lower receiver is not used for self-defense. It is just part of the pistol that sits above the pistol grip, holds the trigger, and has a hole for magazines.

Is it safe to use this lower receiver?

Lower receivers are very safe. They act as a support for your pistol that allows you to shoot accurately and quickly. When you use these, there is hardly any room for effort.

What lower receiver suits best for my pistol?

It depends on the pistol which you use. Each lower receiver has unique features which make them part of the best lower AR-9 pistols, but you have to choose the one that is compatible with your weapon.

Final Words

In general, this review is perfect for anyone who wants a simple, quick, and brief insight into the best AR-9 lowers available in the market. The products on the list are very efficient in terms of supporting your pistol and promoting perfect accuracy for shooting.

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