7 Best Multi Caliber Suppressor For The Money 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

The best multi-caliber suppressor is the one that fits your needs. There are a lot of different models out there, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. In this blog post we will discuss what to look for in a suppressor, as well as some of the best options on the market today.

A lot of people think that a suppressor is something you should only buy if you own multiple firearms, but this isn’t true. Even if all you have is one rifle or pistol, there are advantages to having a suppressor on hand. For example, shooting without hearing protection can cause permanent hearing damage and other injuries like tinnitus; not to mention the annoyance caused by loud noises in earplugs.

This blog post will explore the benefits of owning Multi Caliber Suppressor for your gun collection so that you’re always prepared when it comes time to shoot.

Top Multi-Caliber Suppressor Comparison

Name dB Reduction Diameter Check Price
SANDMAN K SUPPRESSOR 25dB 1.5 in Check Price Now
SANDMAN-L SUPPRESSOR 31dB-36dB 1.5 in Check Price Now
SUREFIRE SOCOM SERIES 1.5 in Check Price Now
GEMTECH – GM-9 27-30 dB 1.25 in Check Price Now

Types of Suppressors

There are different types of universal suppressor on the market, with each of them serving certain functions and purposes. Some of these suppressors include:

Multi-caliber Suppressors

Best Multi Caliber Suppressor

Multi cal suppressor will allow you to suppress your center-fire pistols, center-fire rifles, and rim-fire rifles/pistols.

In this article, we’re of course focusing specifically on the best all around suppressor.

This will cover the basic aspect of your weapon platforms and nearly all the available multi caliber suppressor cover these areas so that the process is simplified for you as a newbie.

These are constructed large and heavy-duty to carry the bigger calibers.

Nearly all the available suppressors on the market are made to narrow range of cartridges or handle a certain cartridge.

Multi-caliber suppressors are like multi-functional or jack of all trades as far as the suppressor world is concerned.

They allow a single gadget to take care of more than a few calibers, with several multi-caliber suppressors essentially working with everything from a .300 Win Mag to a .22LR.

There are .45 and.30 best multi-caliber suppressors on the market.

The .45 caliber suppressor will allow you to suppress 9mm, .40, and .45 calibers, and even .22 in some cases.

On the other hand, you can use the.30 caliber suppressor to suppress more than a few calibers like the more popular 5.56mm.

Here is the guide of 5.56 suppressors review and buying guides.

Other Type Suppressors

  • Shotgun Suppressor
  • Pistol Suppressor: Particularly designed to accommodate the recoil conveyed by semiautomatic handguns.
  • Rimfire Suppressor: This type of suppressor works with rimfire cartridges and some of these suppressors can easily be disassembled and cleaned of accumulated residue.
  • Rifle Suppressors: These suppressor types are designed to accommodate higher temperature and pressure than other suppressors. As a rule, you cannot dismantle and clean them – but most rounds burn away deposits.

Whether you select a caliber specific or a multi caliber silencer, you must first think about the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the suppressor.

7 Best Multi-Caliber Suppressor For the Money

1. Dead Air Armament – Sandman K Suppressor

Dead Air Armament - Sandman K Suppressor

Like all the Dead Air suppressor, the Sandman K will give you a good taste of silence when you’re shooting. If you’re looking to cut down on the weight and size and keep the performance, then this suppressor should work for you.

As with its brothers from the Sandman series, this K version also comes with a Keymount muzzle break.  You’ll be saving some money thanks to the extra goodies you’ll be getting with the package, such as a 5/8×24 muzzle brake.

Regarding durability, it doesn’t disappoint at all with a composition of Stellite baffle stack. You’ll find it durable enough for using with full-auto rifles and other barrels as well. And the stainless steel tube gives it a military-grade approval.

It’s easy maintenance. That should cheer you up. And it’s so compact that it only adds 3 inches to your firearm. As you can guess, it doesn’t hamper with the firearms shooting power.


  • Good suppression
  • Compact
  • Strong build
  • Easy maintenance


  • Has NFA required restriction

2. Dead Air Armament – Sandman-L Suppressor

Sandman-L Suppressor

Another one of Dead Air’s quality delivery in the suppressor department is the Sandman L suppressor with a quick detach system. We’ll expand on it later. But this suppressor does justice to its name and its brothers. You shouldn’t worry about the performance decrease in your firearm.

This model hasn’t been babied in terms of build quality. Like its brothers in the Sandman series, it can be used with machine guns, full-auto rifles, and everything else under the sky. It’s a suppressor built like a tank.


In terms of suppression, it does better than version S. It knocks off another 6dB compared to the Sandman S. An experienced ear will find it very comfortable in the ear even with the heating protection off. Would you hesitate to take this Sandman L on a hunting spree? We wouldn’t.

Who doesn’t love modularity, right? With all the paperwork and cost, it’s usual to use one suppressor on different types of guns. You can use this suppressor on both 5/8”-24 and ½”-24 muzzles, and that quick detach system will help you at this point.


  • Good build quality
  • Better suppression
  • Usable with two muzzle breaks
  • Compact


  • A bit heavier

3. Surefire SOCOM Series Sound Suppressor

Surefire SOCOM Series Sound Suppressor

The SOCOM series suppressors from Surefire have shown great performance in the machine gun suppressor department. This SOCOM762-MG was made for machine guns, and it includes the technology that won the MK13 .300 Win-Mag rifle contract award from US Special Operations Command.

This suppressor’s build composition has a high-temperature alloy and heat-treated stainless steel. Thanks to this construction, the suppressor has durability, and with the corrosion-resistant ion bond coating, it increases. The Cerakote ceramic finished exterior gives it a nice subtle and classy visual aspect.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve detached and attached the suppressor. You can expect a negligible shift in point of impact with the suppressor compared with the result of an unsuppressed firearm. All Socom suppressors require a surefire muzzle brake attachment, which sadly doesn’t come in the package.

Easy use and maintenance are ensured with the fast attach feature. You can attach and detach in a few seconds making your operation swifter than before. It’s a bit long in size, but that shouldn’t be much of a worry as it will mostly be used with big machine guns.


  • Fast attach design
  • Good suppression
  • Lightweight,
  • A negligible shift in point of impact
  • Durable material
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Doesn’t come with muzzle brake

4. Nemo Arms Nomad-Multi-Cal Suppressor

Nemo Arms Nomad-Multi-Cal Suppressor

Nemo arms might be young in the arms industry, but its Nomad suppressors haven’t shown any sign of immaturity in terms of build quality or performance. With a good amount of suppression, this suppressor should take your attention. Read this short review about it.

First, the build quality, appreciating the quality is a no-brainer thanks to the Titanium/Inconel composition of the barrel. Durability and longevity aren’t something to worry about. Sure it will get scuffed and bruised, but that’s all.

In terms of suppression, it reduces almost 32dB. This reduction is sound should allow you to use it without hearing protection if you’re an experienced user. 

A spotter will have difficulty hearing the sound. The suppressor is 7.5-inch long, which is a bit longer, but that doesn’t hamper with the shooting power once you get used to it.

What can you use it with? You have loads of opportunities. It’s made to use with 22 caliber rifles to 300 WIN machine guns. Do you have anything outside of this range? Most usually don’t. So this can be called an all-rounder suppressor.


  • Multi caliber suppressor
  • Good suppression
  • Strong build quality
  • Multiple mounts


  • Expensive


Silencerco Omega review

SilencerCo Omega multi-caliber suppressor can be best one. It described as the quietest, shortest, compact, auto rated, and versatile suppressor.

This 9mm suppressor is the best multi-caliber rifle suppressor due to its noise reduction harmonized with small size features. Without a doubt, SilencerCo Omega 9 is a premium 9mm suppressor.

More importantly, it is a breathtaking suppressor that comes with numerous amazing features. It offers a great combination of lightweight, small size, and quality at an affordable price. This Multi Cal suppressor is designed well in order to suit multiple calibers and you can detach it quickly.

The Omega suppressor comes made from titanium, stainless steel, and Satellite. In a nutshell, it is a sturdy and preferable option when it comes to choosing a suppressor.

The good news is that you would possibly prefer the Omega in your arsenal if you all you want is a multical suppressor that will reduce a lot of noise on your .300 Blackout without breaking a bank.

In any category, the SilencerCo Omega suppressor is the most long-lasting. It works like a muzzles brake; making it one of the best you can find at such a price that will suit any budget.

The design of this multi-caliber suppressor comes with an anchor break to provide your .300 Blackout rifle with a reduced amount of recoil and without muzzle jump. This will eventually lead to accuracy and better control for your rifle.

This particular suppressor is both magnum rated and fully automatic. The exclusive design comes with an incorporated Anchor Brake to provide the suppressor with an added reduction in recoil.

Furthermore, the design of this suppressor allows for the utmost convenience and user adaptability, as far as its performance is concerned.

Key Features

  • The Interchangeable End Caps: With this feature, you can easily change the front end of the suppressor in case of baffle strikes.
  • There are also alternate end caps including plain featureless caps and hiders caps, designed for those who desire the lightest and shortest package possible.
  • 5/8 x 24 Threads: This is found in a lot of.30 caliber barrels. It includes a Special Trifecta muzzle brake and a direct-thread adapter for a fast detach mount.
  • Removable Anchor Brake: This feature of the suppressor is used for reducing recoil and can be substituted with a flat front cap.


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6. GEMTECH – GM-9 (9MM)

GEMTECH – GM-9 (9mm) Suppressor

The GEMTECH GM -9 (9mm) has a nice balance of speed and weight, making it one of the most outstanding pistol calibers. This best suppressor for the money is available in many sizes and shapes.

The new GEMTECH GM-9 suppressor takes the best of Multi-mount and Tundra suppressor and puts it into a single great package.

One interesting and great aspect of this suppressor is that it features a detachable tube. In other words, the inside tube can be removed to offer additional cleaning.

This will prevent the accumulation of residue in the suppressor. The lightweight aluminum body on the Gemtech GM-9 suppressor is almost 5 ounces in weight.

If you are looking for the best lightweight suppressor that you can clean easily and has multiple gun potential, this suppressor is for you.

This is a very good suppressor for the 9mm platform and also provides easy maintenance and perfect sound reduction for an affordable price, looking at the build quality.

The Gemtech GM-9 is a fully automatic multi-caliber suppressor rated for 9mm ammo and subsonic 300 Blackout ammo from a 7.5-inch or longer barrel.

The amalgamation of re-curve and reverse angles works to slow and cool and slow the gases. It also features a square aperture to give room for a socket driver to be used to take out the core from the tube.

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Key Features

  • The Re-curve and Reverse Angles: This feature is designed for cooling and slowing the gases.
  • Square Aperture: This will allow a socket driver to be used to remove the core from the tube.
  • Removable Tube: This guarantees easy cleaning and prevents residue from entering the suppressor after continuous use.
  • Matte finish: The black matte finish surface of the suppressor offers an attractive look to the suppressor.
  • Center thread design for a smooth body all round and also prevents you from shifting your aim when you use the pistol.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight feature of this multi-caliber suppressor makes it superb for shooting

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SILECERCO Hybrid Multi-cal Suppressor

The SILENCERCO Hybrid Multi-Cal is the suppressor designed for any platform. It combines the functions of magnum-rated and full auto, and can as well be used on rifles, pistols, and submachine guns.

The SILENCERCO Hybrid offers an incredible and unparalleled pairing of performance and versatility. You can turn this best multi-caliber pistol suppressor into the ideal suppressor for any demand with a slew of available compatible accessories.

This fully-welded suppressor boasts effective sound suppression on a variety of hosts while offering you a plethora of caliber choices.

The SilencerCo Hybrid Multi-Cal is the can to have, whether you like shooting a submachine gun, a rifle, or a pistol. The modular design of SilencerCo is not just multi-caliber—but also multi-platform, functioning on both rifles as well as handguns.

The SilencerCo Hybrid is an attention-grabbing concept: a kind of suppressor that you can configure for multiple calibers. This includes being able to swap out end caps to optimize sound suppression for different calibers and the ability to replace the threaded mount on the muzzle.

This suppressor is full-auto rated and can be used for pistol applications and to handle rifle cartridges. You can use directed-thread mounts or similar piston systems for pistols on the muzzle side. This is your choice of a multi-cal suppressor if the versatility of a suppressor is your utmost priority.

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Key Features

  • The interchangeable front caps and mounts come designed for the suppressor to achieve flexibility.
  • Two quick-release mounts and four direct-thread mounts, for use with flash suppressors and muzzle brakes.
  • There is the 10 piston option that makes the Hybrid one of the most flexible and best universal suppressor on the market.
  • Magnum-rated and fully auto.

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What are the factors to Consider While Buying a Multi-Caliber Suppressor?

Multi-Caliber Suppressor

Knowing the multi caliber suppressor reviews can be a daunting task because there are different ones on the market today.

On the other hand, you will need to consider a few factors that will allow you to make a good decision when buying a multi-caliber suppressor.

However, you may want to consider what you should look for, particularly if this is your first time buying a multi-caliber suppressor.
Without much ado, the following are some aspects you should consider if you are serious about buying the top-rated multi-caliber suppressor:

1. Quick Detach System

If you are planning to suppress one caliber, then a.30 type of caliber is your choice because it is highly effective when it comes to suppressing smaller calibers.

In addition, you decide in future to upgrade to some other higher calibers as you must have already got your desired silencer when the time comes.

You must consider the type of suppressor you have before deciding on the multi-caliber to buy.

In other words, to make a suppressor work on multiple calibers, you must look for the one with some kind of adapter or quick detach system.

Thread pitches are quite different when used on.30 caliber rifles than when putting on a 5.56x45mm.

This means that a.30 caliber will not thread right inside a 5.56 x 45mm rifle.

As a result, you will require a brand-specific muzzle device or a properly threaded muzzle adapter to execute this task.

We, therefore, recommend that you should buy the best 30 cal suppressor that can handle different types of suppressors.

2. The Level of Quality

Quality is a major factor you must consider when you want to buy a multi-caliber suppressor.

The level of quality of the suppressor will depend on the materials the suppressor is made from.

Quite often, materials such as steel or titanium are used by the producers of these suppressors.

Steel and titanium materials are confirmed to take some severe beatings and will as well have the capability to oppose any kind of corrosion or damage.

3. Service and Reputation

It is noteworthy there are some cheaper brands of multi-caliber suppressors claiming to be good out there, but they are not.

Therefore, consider buying a multi-caliber suppressor from a renowned company with a high reputation and excellent after-sales service.

4. Sound Signature/Noise Reduction

Of course, the sound reduction is the whole point of a suppressor, you should consider shooting origin and the sound signature in order to make the right decision.

Do I hear you say that sound signature is for military applications alone like some people will say?

But remember that there are a lot of hunting applications as well.

When it comes to sound, you must note that the lower the noise of your suppressor, the better.

The sound signature and noise reduction systems are an important consideration for choosing the good multi-caliber suppressor or a silencer.

Consider a silencer that will keep the noise of your gun under 140 decibels.

5. Installation

Your suppressor must be mounted on the muzzle of your gun for it to function. You must buy a kind of suppressor with easy installation.

If fact, there are some suppressors out there that you won’t need technical know-how or sophisticated tools of a professional gunsmith to install.
Most of these multi-caliber suppressors come threaded to guarantee speedy attachment and detachment.

6. Point of Impact (POI) Shift

This is another important factor you must consider when choosing a multi-caliber suppressor for your use.

You may operate your gun with or without the suppressor on it, depending on your application.

The purpose is to look for a silencer. Where you are not expected to adjust your optic or hold to stay on target.

Look for a suppressor that guarantees minimal and consistent Point of Impact (POI) shift.

With the POI, there is no scope adjustment required unless on exceptional cases.

7. Long Life

The longevity or durability of a silencer depends on the caliber and speed – the subsonic or supersonic – you shoot out of it, and the rate of fire you select.

As a result, make sure the suppressor you buy is sturdy enough to accommodate a minimum of 90 rounds of sustained fire.

A premium barrel will last up to 15,000 rounds. Look for a suppressor that will live longer than your barrel!

8. The Overall Performance

Overall performance is one major thing you must take into consideration when looking for a suppressor.

Some of the important aspects that suppressors which you can gauge when it comes to performance include; decibel reduction, accuracy, and tone.

Well, performance measures of suppressors can also get an impact on the quality of the suppressor and the kind of material used for making the suppressor.

9. Cost

The cost is another factor you must consider when you are looking for a suppressor.

Consider the fact that you will have to pat the tax bill plus the cost of the suppressor.

This is where possessing a multi-caliber suppressor becomes cost-effective.

10. Maintenance

Maintaining suppressors can be daunting particularly with those that gather residue easily.

Rimfires are dirty; therefore look for a kind of suppressor that you can clean easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section, we discuss the common doubts that customers have about suppressors, especially multi-cal.

Multi Caliber Suppressor For The Money

How do multi-caliber suppressors work?

From the name of the caliber, you should get the understanding that the suppressors can be used with different calibers and how suppressor works. In recent times these suppressors have to be very popular starting from .22 caliber, which goes all the way to .300 Ultra Win Mag. You will find the manufacturers offering a variety of options that go with these suppressors.

With these types of suppressors, you will be very good if you have different types of caliber. It works as a ‘one fits all’ so you will not have to spend money getting different ones. You also do not need to pay for the permit for multiple suppressors.

These suppressors are made in a way to fit a range of different calibers. However, they do not always work with all calibers, so you have to obtain that information.

Are suppressors interchangeable?

Before, the interchangeable feature was not as commonly available in different suppressors. However, with time, manufacturers have been developing suppressors that have interchangeable caps. Therefore, you should be able to change things up without a problem.

Can I legally make my own suppressor?

Many might not know that you can actually make your suppressor at home. Even though you will have to get a permit to use it, it is legal to make one yourself.
Just as you would make a legal and registered short-barrelled rifle at home, you can also make a silencer on your own. You will need a guide though because you need proper instructions in order to do it properly.
Not only will you be making your own suppressor, but you will also be able to learn many different things in the process. So, you should get started on the last!

Can you use a suppressor on multiple guns?

Now, this is something people tend to ask many times whether the suppressors can be used with different guns. Well, the simple answer to that is that you can use them with different rifles and guns.
But in order for this to work, you must make sure that the firearm is threaded so that it can accept the silencer. If it can, then you should not have any problems using one suppressor with different types of guns.

Can a suppressor be used on different calibers?

Typically, we learn from guidelines that with a smaller caliber firearm, we should use a larger caliber silencer/suppressor. You will find suppressors of 3 kinds, centerfire rifle, centerfire handgun, and rimfire. And you should stay within the category of suppressor when you want to use a different caliber.

So, you actually can use a silencer with an alternate caliber, but you must keep two things in mind, the projectile diameter and pressure. They have to be the same as or less than the caliber the suppressor was designed for.

Instead of using a 7.62mm, you can use a 5.56mm, but this won’t work if you want to use a .300 Ultra Mag.
Just remember a few of the rules when you do decide to use your suppressor with different calibers. Otherwise, everything should run smoothly and efficiently.

What Makes a most versatile suppressor?

When it comes to the question of what makes a suppressor the best, there is no simple and direct answer.

It is just very subjective. Your answer will depend on what you desire from a can and the purpose of your pistols.

For some people, what makes the best suppressor to them is the utmost suppression, no matter the size of a device.

To others, noise reduction, along with budget and suitability would become considerable factors too.

Consider the following factors when you are thinking about your uses for a pistol in other to know what makes the best hybrid suppressor for you:

1. Multiple Caliber Suppressors: These are simply suppressors that will go with multiple caliber weapons. you can fire them on different types of calibers.

2. Noise Reduction: What is the noise level you are expecting from your suppressor? Are you ready to give up some noise reduction for a smaller size?

3. Size: How small or big do you want your suppressor to be? Will it be fitted to a holster?

4. Affordability: The price is a huge and most important aspect of choosing a suppressor.

Once you are able to identify the most important factors to you in your use for your weapon, you can then determine which suppressor will fit your needs best.

The good news is that there is a suppressor that will work for you, no matter the use of your weapon.

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