How to Get a Hunting Sponsor

There are many reasons to find sponsors for hunting. For one it makes hunting as a sport just that much more fun! It’s also is a good way to get money doing what you love and to help support your hunting hobby or career. Hunting is a pricey sport and in order to be a true pro you will need sponsors to help cut down the costs of equipment and tournament fees. No matter why you want to get sponsored for hunting there are several easy steps to help you achieve this goal with ease!

Start Your Searching Early

Don’t wait until your hunting gear breaks or the day before your tournament fees are due to start looking for a hunting sponsor. Chances are it may take a little while to find a good sponsor so start your search, as early as possible, to get ahead of the game. Waiting to the last minute will only leave you vulnerable and broke.

Don’t Be Scared To Aim High

There a lot of little sponsorships you can get out there as a hunter. Yet having one or two big sponsors is much easier than having fifty little sponsorships. Having too many sponsors can get too hard to manage. So in order to keep things simple, don’t overwhelm yourself and get a couple good sponsors.  So don’t be scared to go after the bigger guys. If you get rejection, keep on trying. There are so many sponsors for this type of sport.

Get Educated On Sponsors

Be smart. Learn all you can about sponsors. How do you get the best sponsors? What are sponsors looking for in a hunter? Which sponsors work well for your hunting career? There are so many books, websites and YouTube videos out there. Take the time to prepare yourself. Also, check out websites like: that show types of gear and will list sponsors. This way you can read about the different types of sponsors available and what type of people they are looking for.

Here is a great YouTube video on ‘How To Get Sponsorships.’

Create A Proposal Plan

If you want to attract sponsor you need a good proposal plan. A proposal plan is quite similar to a business plan but it doesn’t have to be so technical. It should include why you need sponsorship, how much money you believe you need, the type of new equipment you need to purchase and why you think you are a good candidate for a sponsor. You also have to convince sponsors why they should sponsor you. This means they need to know about your skills and be able to trust you. Talk about your hunting achievements, trophies and the contests you have won. Also explain to them how sponsoring you will be good for their business.

There are companies like this one that will help you write proposal plans and letters for a fee. However, you can certainly do it yourself if you would like. Check this ‘How to write a sponsorship proposal’ article out here, for helpful tips and advice.

Wear Your Hunting Attire

You wouldn’t go to an interview or a meeting without wearing your business attire now would you? It’s the same thing if you are going to hunting expos, conventions or to meet potential hunting sponsors. You have to look your part and show those your networking with that you do have expertise in this field. So be sure to wear your hunting gear when you have a chance to meet sponsors, pro-staffers and fellow hunters.

Win Tournaments

If you can afford to pay for a few entry fees to hunting contests, do it. Winning or getting awards in contests will build your hunting resume. Sponsors want to see what you have achieved and what kind of publicity they can get from sponsoring you. There is no such thing as free money. Sponsors always want something in return and typically that is publicity for their business or brand name. If you would like to check out a good list of North American hunting contests, be sure to visit this website:

Create Hunting Videos

Nowadays you don’t have to be a pro to shoot a video and upload it to or any other website. You just need a good phone or simple camera. By creating great hunting videos you will allow potential sponsors to see what you can do and it will also draw attention to your hunting skills and knowledge. Be sure to make the videos interesting and educational at the same time. A good article to read about making hunting videos is this one here.

Become A Pro-Staffer

Pro-Staffers work with a specific hunting brand and may or may not receive compensation for their affiliations with the companies. Many Pro-Staffers do however get free gear and get to meet top people in the industry. In order to be a pro-staffer you have to have good communication skills, business skills and be well educated in hunting. Just having the desire to hunt will not get your foot in the door. You need to present yourself well and really understand how to market yourself. However, becoming a pro-staffer will open the doors for many sponsorships. So it is worth looking into. For more information on becoming a pro-staffer check out this article.


I have to say the best way to meet people who like to hunt and find potential sponsors is to network and build solid business relationships. You can do this in several ways including:

  • Join A Hunting Social Media Group or Chat Forum online
  • Go To Hunting Expos and Conventions
  • Check Out Events At Your Local Hunting Store
  • Go To Hunting Competitions (even if you are not entered in it)
  • Find Hunting Clubs or Specialized Hunting Classes In Your Area

Networking will build relationships for you and get your foot in the door toward amazing sponsorships.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Fear of being rejected is what keeps people from following their dreams. So set aside your fear and ask ask for those hunting sponsorships. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for more money if you truly need it. Most sponsors understand the need for maintaining hunting gear, equipment and ammunition.The worse they can say is no. And that’s okay. Push forward and find a great hunting sponsor who will help you. You get achieve your goals if you don’t try.

Send Out Inquiries

Once you have several sponsors in mind. Send out a cover letter or proposal letter to inquiry about these sponsorships. Get your name out there and let people know you are in the market for sponsors. Some hunting sponsors prefer emails while others are still old school and would like to see inquiries by mail. You can always ask a sponsor where they will like inquiries sent to in order to avoid confusion.

Avoid Coming Across As Pushy

It is important to negotiate and find reputable sponsors. However, if you come off as too demanding or pushy you will scare sponsors away and your idea of becoming a pro hunter will go down the drain. Always remember to remain friendly and treat this like your business. Sponsors like friendly and honest people.

Find A Good Fit

Not every sponsor for hunting will be a good fit for you. Look for sponsors that specialize in your type of hunting and equipment. Find a reliable hunting sponsor that will work with you and you can easily get along with. You may not find a good sponsor right off the bat, but keep looking until you find one that meets your needs. Keep in mind their are so many different type of hunting sponsors on the market today and it’s only a matter of time and marketing yourself and your skills before you find the right one.

Don’t Give Up

Just like most small businesses fail within the first year, most people looking for sponsors give up too soon, as well. Like the old saying, ‘Try, try again.’ Don’t give up if you are rejected several times before finding a hunting sponsor. Most people who are successful failed a lot before they ever started to succeed. So keep the faith. Keep working towards your goal and you are sure to find the answers you need.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned a little bit about finding a sponsor for your hunting career. Each of the above steps will truly help you find a hunting sponsor and help launch a successful career for yourself if you take the time to try them out. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment box. Also if you liked this article, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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