How to Install Muzzle Brake

We all know that the strength, performance and durability of anything or anybody are directly proportional to the quality of the basic units of which they are formed. The same phenomenon applies to the firearms also. Like most of the hi-tech gadgets, these arms are also composing of a number of small, complex but indispensable materials. A muzzle brake is one such part of a firearm that helps in a smooth firing experience.
Hence, it is an important skill on the part of a buyer to have a keen eye on the nitty-gritty of a muzzle brake. But choosing an arm with the best muzzle brake is not a child’s play. It involves a thorough knowledge of the same along with a rationale approach and therefore, we are presenting to you an ideal procession so you are ready to buy a brake for that muzzle, without any ambiguity.

What is a Muzzle Brake?

how to install muzzle brake

A muzzle brake, also known as a recoil compensator is the equipment that is connecting to the open end of the barrel of a firearm or cannon. This open end is known as muzzle. A muzzle brake comes into play during a rapid firing episode in order to redirect the propellant gases to do the following two things:

  • To counteract the effect of the recoiling of the arm
  • To counteract the unwanted, upward advancement of the barrel

The basic design and concept of a muzzle brake is quite a simple one. These are basically pint-sized tubes, straightened perpendicularly on a barrel’s end. The game plan of this brake is to sway the combustion gases from bursting, which is generally expecting after a projectile departure. With that said, let us now move further and check the best five muzzle brakes and their characteristics, so that we do not get deceived.

How To Choose The Best Muzzle Brakes

Consider the below mentioned factors for choosing the muzzle brakes that will perform satisfactorily and upto your expectations

The length of the barrel

A standard sized rifle barrel of 16” in .223 calibers has the capacity to produce a muzzle pressure of 7000 psi whereas a barrel of 10” can produce twice that number. These extremely concentrated and superheated gasses on short sized barrels result in straining of the materials and design of the flash hiders. Therefore, always try to look for a brake or a flash hider which is specifically designing to overcome this abuse. This is, especially when you are planning to go lower than 14.5”

The compatibility of the suppressor

The system of the fast attachment for all the suppressors is proprietary. The muzzle brakes or devices, designing for and compatible with your suppressor’s compression method are very limited in number. Look for the word ‘adapter’ on the description or the name of the muzzle devices. These are specially made to work with the flash hiders, brakes or the suppressors


Almost all the muzzle equipments have this ability of outliving the barrel provided they also have the ability to withstand the daily use rigours. Be thankful to the improvisations and advancements in the metallurgy processes. The modern ones are much stronger than the older versions. In case of choosing compensators, look for very strong attachments between the baffles so that they can bear a muzzle strike

Bore obstruction possibility

The open tine design of the flash hiders can pose a problem as you can get stuck. Take proper care while using and choosing them

The process of installation

Unless, a sound suppressor is being run by you, you can hope of untimed flash hiders that use just a crush water to get installed. A torque wrench is also not needed most of the times because of simple torque specs. But adapters of some sound suppressors and brakes require shims to be installing. This ensures that the mounting pins, sound suppressors and the port are facing the correct direction.

Weight and size

The size and the weight need not be considering very seriously here, especially because they depend a great deal on the strength of the weapon

Caliber and thread pitch

The thread pitch and the caliber are the two ways of sizing a muzzle device. In fact, some of the rifles have non standard profiles of the barrel end and they demand a device with specific inner profile and specific length.
So, you have chosen and bought that favourite muzzle brake but do not know how to use it? Do not think much and just read on to find your answer.

How To Use

Installing and using a muzzle brake is an easy task. Almost all the rifles have threads attached at the very end of the rifle barrel. However, different guns and rifles may display different sizes and different pitch threads and thus offers convenience for the brake installation. Just read below to discover the steps

  • The first step is to hold the rifle properly and securely or to make it lie on a table with strong hands holding it
  • The flash hider is then unscrewing by another person, using an open ended wrench
  • A new muzzle brake usually has a crush washer, a peel washer or a jam nut along with it. These three have different functions as mentioned below
  • CRUSH WASHER-It is imperative for a muzzle brake to get properly aligned and oriented. The collapsing or crushing of the crush washer helps you to determine the correct alignment of the bakes.
  • PEEL WASHER-With the help of a peel washer, the layers of the washer are peeling off to get a thickness, enough for the brakes to be appropriately oriented.
  • JAM NUT-This is used to tighten up the brakes, once the brakes are aligning safely

The story does not end here. You can encounter some problems while shooting, for e.g. you may find your rifle kicking hard on all the sides. But you do not need to worry about that. You can always rectify that by clocking of the brake. In this process, the brake is actually turning to a little off centre which results in counteracting the forces.
So, you can follow these easy steps to install the brakes on your preferred firearm and the brakes know what to do.

How to install a muzzle brake on your Rifle

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We are sure that till now you are ready and all set to buy the best muzzle brake, provided you have read each of the words attentively. As a well wisher, we did the screening task for you in order to help you in your decision making process.

Muzzle brakes are a crucial section of a gun. Now, there are various types out of which 308 brake muzzle is one of the best. A muzzle brake is the first thing that you need. So try getting the best .308 muzzle brake

Now, a muzzle brake reduces any pressure or high velocity. So getting the best product ensures that you have the best control on all this. For further requirements, you should walk up to the store and get things checking before paying for it. Verify that all the things are in proper condition, and then make the final purchase.

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