458 Socom Vs 50 Beowulf – 2023 Comparison

458 socom vs 50 beowulf

If you are stuck between choosing the best big-bore cartridge, be rest assured that you can never regret going for the .458 Socom vs .50 Beowulf. These two cartridges feature extensive designs, and they are prevalent in hunting ventures. They are also the real deal for many other uses like protection. However, since these two … Read more

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10 Best XDM Trigger Kit 2023 Review – New guide

XDM Trigger Kit Review

A gun’s trigger plays a vital role because of the many ways it helps improve the overall experience. Gun owners can adjust the Best XDM Trigger Kit to improve accuracy and precision, as well as the ‘feel’ when shooting. However, if the pull of the trigger isn’t smooth, crisp, and quick, it can be quite … Read more

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CZ 75 Compact vs. CZ 75 PCR – Which One Should I Get? 2023 Guide


Among all the concealed carry weapons that are out there, CZ 75 is the most popular option among all types of shooters. You will find them in the hands of newbies, trainees, hunters, competitors, and law personnel. As shooters widely choose it, the manufacturer has released a plethora of variations of the pistol. To choose … Read more

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9 Best 45 Suppressor 2023 Review – New edition

45 suppressor guide

If there’s anything Hollywood action movies have taught us, it’s what to expect when we see a suppressor. The silencer being delicately screwed onto the tip of a firearm is the shorthand for “somebody’s about to get murdered.” Suppressors, just to clear it up, have a better reputation than they’ve been portrayed. Their purpose is … Read more

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