Best Hunting Bow Of All Time – Review in 2023

If you are searching for the all-times best hunting and archery bows, you are probably either a hunting enthusiast or a bow enthusiast.

So we are not giving a page-long introduction on best-hunting bows 2023. Listed below are some of the all-time best-hunting bows and archery bows.

Best Hunting Bow Of All Time

Best Hunting Bow of All Time Comparison

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Best hunting compound bows review

top hunting compound bow


If you are a beginner then the Brave is the most suitable bow set for you.

Made for right-handed use only, this bow set is considered as the safest bow set in the industry. It comes with two safety glass arrows and Whisker Biscuit arrow rest.

The set is suitable for the age of 8 and above and is available in 6 different colors.

One advantage of it is that they have sufficient lbs to shoot accurate from distance, but even they can be adjusted if someone is not able to draw the bow.

Budget Pick
Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow Includes Whisker Biscuit, Arrows, Armguard, and Arrow Quiver...
2,355 Reviews
Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow Includes Whisker Biscuit, Arrows, Armguard, and Arrow Quiver...
  • 26” axle-to-axle introductory bow comes...
  • Set also includes Whisker Biscuit, 1-pin...
  • Whisker Biscuit is the safest rest in archery...

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The feature to be checked before purchasing is the draw length of the bow which is 13.5 to 19.5 inches. Just make sure it is not too short for the user.

The Brave youth bow set does not require any kind of assembling and comes ready to shoot with accessories like armguard, arrow quiver, a 1 pin sight, 2 safety glasses and an arrow rest.

It’s not a toy but also it does not put a lot of weight in your pocket.

The Brave archery bow set is recommended to anyone that wants to get their kids outside and involved in this sport for fun or hunting down the road.

Key Features And Specifications

Here are some important features and brief specs of this Bear Archery bow:

  • Handedness: This is one of the cons of the brave bow set and a disappointment for a left-hander. It is not compatible with both side use and is only available for right-handers. So if you are a left-hander, search for another bow set.
  • String: The string is made up of steel and has a good life. Its high tensile strength makes it suitable for long term use and it does not break easily.
  • Bow weight: The bow weight is 2 lbs. It is light because it is made for younger kids so that they can lift it easily.
  • Draw weight: The draw weight is adjustable between 15 and 26 lbs. So if your kid is not able to draw 26 lbs, no worries, just adjust it to the suitable strength of the user and he is ready to shoot.
  • Draw length: The draw length of the bow is adjustable between 13.5 to 19.5 inches. It is just suitable for normally 8-10 years old kids. But check the suitable draw length before buying it for your kid.
  • Axle to Axle length: The A2A length of this bear archery bow is 26 inches, making it handy for the novice users.
  • Brace height: Bear Archer brave bow has a brace height of 5.5 inches.
  • Let off: It comes with 65% let off. This means you can reduce the bow’s peak weight by 65 percent.

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A leader accessories compound bow is the best bow in the market if you want to use it for the purpose of hunting. It is a perfect bow for beginners and novices. The bow comes set at a 29-inch draw.

The draw length is very easy to adjust and is just like opening the screws. Also, the bow is lightweight for a professional and comes with adjustable draw weight. The major advantage of this bow is that it provides a speed of about 310 feet per second.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70lbs with Max Speed 310fps, Autumn Camo
607 Reviews
Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70lbs with Max Speed 310fps, Autumn Camo
  • Hand Orientation: Right. Draw Weight: 50 - 70...
  • Max Speed: 310 FPS. Let Off: 75% - 80%. Axle...
  • Aluminum Riser. Adjust the draw weight and...

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Moreover, the bow generates a good amount of energy without pulling the string too much. Although the set requires assembling initially but the process is quite easy and once assembled it is ready for the go.

The set comes with 4 pins to provide accuracy if you want to shoot at greater distances. The bow has high strength and is not easy to break.

Also, the stability provided by the bow is high making it perfect for hunting. The high percent of let-off provides great accuracy in every shot.

The structure of the bow is made that it is insensitive to water and temperature. The string may become loose and they need to be tightened at regular intervals.

The bow works best with 30-inch aluminum or carbon arrows. The leader accessories compound bow is a perfect product if you are living in a forest area and fond of hunting. Definitely, It’s the best compound bow 2023 for the money.

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Key Features And Specifications

Here are some important features and brief specs of this Leader accessories compound bow.

  • Handedness: The leader accessories compound bow is compatible only for right-handers. Like so many other bows, here also the left-handers are disappointed to miss such a good product.
  • String: The string length is up to 31 inches for this hunting bow. It can be adjusted easily. The non-stretchable string can produce an immense amount of energy even in small force.
  • Bow weight: The bow weighs 4.4 lbs. and is very easy to carry.
  • Draw weight: The draw weight is adjustable between 50 to 70 lbs. and can be adjusted according to own needs.
  • Draw length: The draw length is also adjustable from 25 inches to 31 inches.
  • Axle to Axle length: The high axle to axle length of 31.5 inches makes it suitable for hunting as it provides more energy to the arrow and makes a deep penetration.
  • Brace height: The brace height is 7.5 inches and is made up of an aluminum riser.
  • Let off: It provides a high let-off from 75 to 80 percent.
  • Max speed: This professional-grade bow from Leader Accessories is pretty fast at 310 feet per second.

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The diamond infinite edge pro designed by Bowtech is manufactured for both beginners and intermediates. If you want to grow your skills, this is the product for you.

The draw weight is adjustable and the range is perfectly suited if you start as a novice and grow as an intermediate. The draw length varies from 13 to 31 inches making it even more versatile.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Right Hand
564 Reviews
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Right Hand
  • Wide draw length range between 13 and 31...
  • Accelerates arrows to up to 310 ft/sec
  • Redesigned cam system for a flawlessly smooth...

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The manufacturers have redesigned the cam system to create a better and more smooth cycle. The bow is provided with 3 pins to shoot farther, a rest, a bow sling, a peep sight, and a stabilizer.

The bow serves the purpose of hunting to a good extent because of the wide range of draw weight. It is light in weight and provides a let off of 80 percent giving more accuracy to every shot.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about assembling each part because the diamond infinite edge pro comes ready to go.

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Key Features And Specifications

Here are some important features and brief specs of Diamond Infinite Edge bow:

  • Handedness: Like most of the other bow sets, the diamond infinite edge pro is also compatible for right-handed persons only.
  • Double cams: This feature distinguishes it from most of the other bows available in the market. It consists of two cams, at top and bottom, which are synchronized with each other to provide a flawless and smooth draw cycle.
  • Durability: The diamond infinite edge pro is designed for the long term and can last many years if proper care is taken.
  • Draw weight: It has a draw weight range from 5 pounds to 70 pounds. As mentioned earlier the draw weight is adjustable and the range is suitable for most of the archers.
  • Draw length: Just like the draw weight, even the draw length range is very versatile. It varies from 13 to 31 inches making the bow apt for almost every person.
  • Axle to Axle length: The axle to axle length of the bow set is 31.5 inches. The length is quite suitable for the purpose of hunting.
  • Weight: It is quite lightweight and weighs just about 3.2 pounds, making it really easy to carry around for as long as you wish.
  • Let off: It provides a high let-off from 75 to 80 percent giving accuracy to each shot.
  • Max speed: The diamond infinite edge pro gives a maximum speed of 310 feet per second.

Although there are so many advantages to this bow set, there are some cons too.

Because of the wide range of draw weight and draw length, they need to be tuned and adjusted which requires time.

Also, it is a bit costly than other bow sets.

But if you look at the wide features given by the Diamond infinite edge pro, the cons are just negligible.

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4. Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage Compound Bow

When you want the best hunting bow on the market at a cheap price, then you can’t ignore the SAS Outrage bow from Southland. Yes, it is a bit of lower quality, but it has all the necessary properties and accessories to provide everything you might need.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 31'' ATA Compound Bow - Autumn Camo
337 Reviews
Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 31'' ATA Compound Bow - Autumn Camo
  • ✅Do you want to give your shooters the best...
  • ✅ SPECIFICS: Speed: IBO 275fps;...
  • ✅MATERIAL: Aluminum Riser; CNC Machined...

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If there’s one thing to appreciate about this bow, then it’s the grip. The molded plastic on this Outrage bow wraps around the riser providing an advantage in handling and at lower temperatures. 

They used a dual eccentric cam system in the bow to give some adjustability. This cam system does make error sometimes, but when it works correctly, it improves performance.

The adjustability of the bow is not much; the draw length is from 26”-30” and the draw weight is from 55lbs-70lbs. Due to the shorter range, only the older and conditioned archers can use it. Keep a note of it. The other 2 limitations are the slow bow speed at 270FPS and can only be used right-handedly.

Its body material is aluminum, and the limb is from fiberglass. So if you’re worried about its durability and longevity, then worry longer. Even with its limitations, the price is too affordable to let it go.


  • Aluminum body
  • Affordable
  • Strong grip
  • Forgiving axle to axle
  • Lightweight


  • Slow speed

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5. SereneLife Complete Compound Bow & Arrow Accessory Kit

If you’re on the hunt for the best hunting bow for beginners, then you’re looking right at it. This right-handed compound bow has all the necessary features and more with all the right materials. And the bow is fast, very fast for an entry-level one.

SereneLife Complete Compound Bow & Arrow Accessory Kit, Adjustable Draw Weight 30-70 lbs with Max...
55 Reviews
SereneLife Complete Compound Bow & Arrow Accessory Kit, Adjustable Draw Weight 30-70 lbs with Max...
  • DESIGNED FOR THE HUNTER - From our ergonomic...
  • THE DURABLE DIFFERENCE - We offer the same...

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At 320FPS, this bow puts some of the more professional bows to shame. It didn’t cut short in its accuracy to gain this advantage if that’s what you’re thinking. And it’s quite efficient in the application too. 

In terms of materials, unlike most beginner bows, they didn’t compromise on the material quality. It has cams that are made of machine aluminum instead of plastic, and the bow riser is made of high-intensity aluminum. With all these aluminum, you can be sure that this bow is very light, weighing at only 3.9lbs.

The bow draw length is 23.5”-30” and the draw weight can be adjusted from 30-70lbs. You can see this bow has ample options in the adjustability category. So is there anything wrong with it? Yes, one aspect — the limitation to only right-hand use.


  • 320FPS
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum construction
  • High adjustability


  • Only for right-handed use

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6. BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow in Mossy Oak Bottomland

Here’s a crossbow from Barnett, and it is one of the fastest and might as well be the most accurate hunting bow out there.  It’s a premium bow for a premium price. There are only a few bows out there that can compete when it comes to killing large prey in the wild. It makes hunting almost effortless.

BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow, Mossy Oak Bottomland
1,659 Reviews
BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow, Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • High-performance whitetail hunter STR...
  • Lightweight: Fiberglass composite step thru...
  • No artificial flavors

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There’s so many to talk about this crossbow in this short little review. But some points can’t be missed, such as the huge draw weight of 187lbs. You have to get used to it. However, the bow itself weighs only 6.6lbs, when comparing with its power, the weight is negligible.

Then you have its speed. At a speed of 375FPS, it is one of the fastest of Barnett crossbows. But it has the limitation all crossbows have, and that is the inability to do quick follow-up shots. And with this model, it’s even slower. So keep that in mind before buying.

Barnett uses a 3lbs trigger pull that doesn’t produce any creep. It also has an anti-dry mechanism for safety. With the given scope, you can hit any target from 80-yards away with high precision.


  • Fast
  • Lightweight
  • Good scope
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism for safety


  • Not good for quick follow-up shots

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7. Barnett Assault 350 Crossbow|350 Feet Per Second

Barnett’s assault crossbows have made a name for themselves among the hunter community. This Assault 350 crossbow stands at the middle of the ladder among Barnett’s powerful crossbows. Read this short review to know what to expect from this compact crossbow.

Barnett Assault 350 Crossbow|350 Feet Per Second
191 Reviews
Barnett Assault 350 Crossbow|350 Feet Per Second
  • Barnett Crossbows| the original pioneer of...
  • This Compound Crossbow shoots 350 feet per...
  • Features TriggerTech Frictionless Release...

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Accuracy and power are the two things that matter most when it comes to hunting. Will it hit accurately? And will it hit the prey hard enough? With a speed of 350FPS, it’s completely in its ability to take down elks and deers if your marksmen’s ability is top-class. 

After all, the bow isn’t going to help you if you’re a beginner. The draw weight is 175lbs, so it’s not for beginner users.

The arrow will jump with an almost 116 ft.lbs speed at the target. Practically speaking you won’t see a thing if your target is 20 yards away. You can easily hit a big target at 50 yards away, and it will pierce through. It comes with a 3x32mm scope that has markings up to 50 yards divided into 5 parts.

The safety measure on this device is the Anti-dry fire mechanism, and the molded metal trigger gives a smooth gliding trigger action. Their Carbon Riser technology reduces weight at the front that makes it easy to hold.


  • Fast bow
  • All sizes of game hunting
  • High accuracy
  • Quiet
  • Good weight distribution


  • String breaks easily
  • Not for quick follow-up shots

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8. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

The Cruzer G2 is an out of the box RTH bow that has all features needed by archers of ages and genders. It increases target precision, which in turn increases performance. Amateur or not, use the bow and spend time, you’ll see it grow with you.

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Adjustability-wise, this bow doesn’t disappoint. A wide range of users will be able to use it thanks to the draw length range from 12”-30” and a huge draw weight range from 5-70lbs depending on the level of expertise. 

With the aluminum construction, you can expect this bow to be extremely light as well as durable for a long time.

One of the features of this bow that stands out is its MV double cam system. You’ll find the draw to be quite smooth and easy due to this cam system. It has a vibration-free release provided by the max pre-load limbs. There’s no hand torque either which keeps accuracy stable.

The bow speed is fairly good at 310FPS, and yes, this isn’t the fastest one out there though, for the intermediate users, this is quite good. It’s quiet and weighs only 3.6lbs but let not that fool you about its power. You can hunt up to medium games at 60+lbs draw weight.


  • Quiet
  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustability
  • Strong


  • Not the fastest bow

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Genesis Original bow is a pretty much straightforward, no-nonsense bow that you can take for your archery competitions or even for a bit of fun shooting.

It is undeniably one of the hunting bows ever made that any archery enthusiasts can start with, irrespective of their age and ability can start with.

Our Top Pick
GENESIS Original Bow - LH Black
31 Reviews
GENESIS Original Bow - LH Black
  • Official bow of the National Archery in the...
  • Great starter bow for archers of all ages,...
  • With no specific draw length requirement,...

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This single-cam compound bow is amazingly simple and easy to use. The bow is available for both versions- left hand and right hand.

It comes completely assembled- you don’t need to put any extra efforts and can take it for a shoot straight out of the box. About axle to axle length, it is 35 ½ inches for the bow.

The bow is available in 12 finishes- from printed pinks to professional blacks, a wide range is available for you to select from.

Ideally, this bow will go perfectly for novice users and for small hunting games. This Genesis Original bow is the first preference and the official bow of NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program), and for a good reason.

Key Features And Specifications:

  • Draw weight: This compound bow comes with a set draw weight of 20 lbs. However, adjusting the draw weight is pretty easy with the bow. In just a few steps, users can adjust as per their convenience. It is one of the factors making the Genesis Original real easy to use and ideal for beginners as well as kids.
  • A fit for a wide range of users: The Genesis Original is absolutely versatile and meeting the needs if a wide range of users. The draw length range of the product is 15 to 20 inches. This implies that beginners, as well as advanced users, can use the bow comfortably without adjusting. It’s deal 35 inch A2A length and universal draw length and adjustability make the bow pretty much of a good fit for anyone.
  • Sturdy make: This compound bow comes with a sturdy aluminum cam, and a body made of high-quality material. Certainly, you can expect the bow to go on and on for years. The product, designed in the US, has clearly followed the highest standards. It is yet another of the reasons why it considered an ideal bow for beginners who might be more it using it the ‘rough and tough way!
  • Ideal shoot design: Genesis original is a bow well designed for use by beginners and advanced users alike. Its design enables the shooter to achieve accuracy. With its no-nonsense single-cam technology, shooters can deliver a smooth, low-noise and shot.
  • Affordable: Genesis Original bow is absolutely a great entry-level compound bow alternative when it comes to the price range to quality ratio. For the quality, make and features that come with this compound bow, seldom any bow can beat it.
  • Zebra string: The strings of this best Mathews bow is designed with the ‘strength’ factor in particular consideration, thereby allowing users to shoot arrows over longer distances with a lot of accuracies.
  • Performance: Overall, Genesis’s original bow is the right choice for those looking for a smooth and comfortable bow for great practice sessions.

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A relatively newer product in Mathews compound bow range is the legendary Mathews Triax hunting bow. But, it was quick to make its space in the market as well as in the hearts of bow and hunting enthusiasts.

Short hunting bows had gained a lot of popularity for a while a few years back. The popularity did fall as more and more users noticed that short hunting bows usually don’t deliver the kind of performance that they expect from professional hunting bows.

But then, breaking the records, came Mathews Triax. The bow was quick to shut those who claimed that short bows can’t deliver a competitive level of performance.

This double cam compound bow could challenge some of the hunting bows in the industry. In fact, even those who weren’t the ‘short bow types’ ended up loving Mathews Triax.

So what’s that made Triax that much of popular? Well, with Triax, it was like the manufacturer picked the best aspects of huge hunting bows as well as short, handy bows, and blended them together.

This should have given you a rough idea of what Mathews Triax is like.

Key Features And Specification

  • Short and Handy: Mathews Triax comes with a mere Axle to Axle length of 28 inches, much shorter in comparison to many other high-performance hunting bows. Its short length makes Triax pretty easy to handle for most users. It’s an ideal bow for those who prefer short hunting bows.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: Another good thing about the design of Mathews Triax is that it is pretty lightweight. For a bow of this level, this amazing bow just weighs a mere 4.4 pounds.
  • Dampened vibrations and sound: With its 3D vibration dampening technology, Mathews Triax simply stands out from the crowd of bows available on the market. The technology lets it deaden as much as 78 per cent of sound and vibrations.
  • Draw weight and Draw length: The draw weight and draw lengths are set at moderate and professional user levels. Mathews Triax comes with a Draw weight options of 70 lbs., 60 lbs. and 50 lbs. and a draw length range of 24.5 inches to 30.5 inches.
  • Sturdy: Now, we know that Mathews is a brand that customers blindly rely on for the quality of products. When they pay particular attention to even the most basic product, we can be sure about the quality of Mathews Triax, which is one of the best flagship creations of Mathews. Based on what thousands of users say, Triax would go on for years before it starts wearing off.
  • Let off: Mathews Triax has a let-off of 75/85%
  • Performance: For a short bow, Mathews Triax is astoundingly fast at 331 Feet per second.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently answered questions regarding archery and hunting bows.

faq regarding archery and hunting bows
What are some of the tips for buying the best archery or hunting bow?

Here are some common factors to note before you head out buying the bow:

The purpose
One of the most important and obvious factors to consider while shopping for bows is the purpose for which you are buying them.

For example, if you are looking for a more professional hunting bow, a bow with low draw length or speed might not suit you.

For professional hunters, a bow like Genesis original may not be the thing.

You should rather go with Leader Accessories compound bow or maybe the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge or even better, the Mathews Triax.

The budget:
The budget is an obvious criterion of selection for many people, and why shouldn’t it be?

But face it, professional bows like Mathews Triax comes relatively pricey. But then they are worth it, given the performance they deliver.

There are still great bows in the pocket-friendly range, like the Genesis Original.

Experience level:
This point is pretty much linked to the first factor we discussed here.

If you are a professional-level user, you may like bows like Leader Accessories or Mathews Triax more.

On the other hand, if the bow is being bought for a novice user, Genesis original or Bear Archery would be a perfect choice.

Quality and performance:
Most of the bows listed here are from renowned brands and offer pretty excellent performance for the level they are intended for.

However, we recommend that you understand the performance that you are expecting and buy accordingly.

Check for the speed and accuracy factors along with the comfort of use and draw weight.

Which version to go with? Right or left?

There is a great deal of confusion on whether to go on the basis of eye dominance or hand dominance.

Especially users who are just getting started with archery or bow hunting might want to figure out whether to go with hand dominance or eye dominance.

Well, to begin the explanation with, eye dominance matter more than the hand dominance.

Eye dominance doesn’t matter in case you shoot with both your eyes open.

But generally, people choose to shoot with one eye closed for aiming purpose as in case of competitions or hunting.

In such cases, choose the bow based on the dominance of your eyes.

So even if you are left-handed, but have a dominant right eye, get the bow of right version.

If your eye and hand dominance is of the same side, well, good for you!

How to know eye dominance?

Yet another common question with beginners.

It will be better to go with the bow matching your dominant eye.

Finding out your dominant eye is pretty simple as well as useful.

Just do the following to know your dominant eye:

Simply point your index finger at an object that is some 15 feet away from you and then close the left eye.

If your finger is still pointed at the object, you are right eye dominant. Otherwise, your left eye is dominant.


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