Brownells Match Precision Optics Review in 2023

If you are a hunter, a shooter, or a gunsmith, then you know how satisfying it is to hit your target, especially the long-range ones. But if you are struggling to hit that bull’s eye from afar, then maybe it is time for you to give riflescopes a try.

Over the years, Brownells has been one of the leading manufacturers in the firearm industry. They have been producing a lot of great products that consumers love. So if you are looking for a perfect riflescope, then you are in the right place.

This Brownells Match Precision Optics article will provide you with all the information that you need to know about this product. After reading this, you may be convinced of buying and owning one. So, keep going!



A riflescope is a device that can improve your shooting experience. It holds tons of advantages that all gun enthusiasts will love for sure. If you wanted to develop your accuracy in shooting without even a single miss, then this equipment can surely help you.

Many gun owners and shooters have been trusting Brownells with everything about their firearms. When they heard about it having a contract with a Japanese company to design and make precision rifle optics, they never missed the chance of having one.

From the material that it is made up to its functionality, it delivers in every aspect. It has received a lot of praise and positive feedback from owners — no wonder why it is considered one of the best riflescope on the market today.

Brownells for sure wanted to pack a lot of amazing features in one product and sell it at a very reasonable price. And they did a pretty good job about this. So, let’s further discuss every feature that it has.


The very first aspect that owners love the most is the scope’s optics are fully multi-coated Japanese glass with blackened edges. With this, less stray light will be bouncing which makes the quality of the image even better.

Moreover, the multi-coating characteristic maximizes the transmission of light and also protects the lens from any scratches. And just before the optics are sealed up, they are first Argon-purged to make the lenses fog proof and waterproof. So you do not need to worry about the weather outside when you go shooting.

N-OMR System

This MPO riflescope features the N-OMR (Non-Obscuring Milling Reticle) System etched onto the first focal plane. The reticle is considered to be an interesting aspect of the Match Precision Optics. It is illuminated and powered by the most common CR-2032 battery.

Usually, the reticles of a first focal plane scope are thicker than they should be so that it will still be visible for you even at lower magnifications. Brownells’ MPO has addressed this issue and provided other option. They went with the split-line kind of reticle to deal with it.

In dealing with lower magnifications, you will see the thin double line, and with higher ones, the primary horizontal and vertical line appears as two tracks. It is very advantageous to shooters since it does not only allow you to see between two tracks but also provides you with more reference points to range your targets with.

Also, this integrates an open center aiming reticule. This feature helps you to hold onto your mark without the need to cover it. The top portion of this N-MOR system is left open. It is done intentionally so you can spot your shots or misses. 

Remarkably, this reticle is perfect for any shooting discipline that requires you to make quicker shots under time restrictions. Also, it is very helpful when you need to make follow-up shots more effectively.

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One of the key features of this scope is its turret. Both the windage and elevation turret adjustments are quite simple and easy. You do not need to pull up just to adjust them or remove any parts to do so.

Each turret also has caps that are just the right size – big enough for easy use and small enough not to cause distraction. These turrets feature adjustments of 10 MRAD per turn with increments of 0.1 MRAD.

The turret adjustment for elevation has a resettable zero that comes with a built-in zero stop. This feature is necessary for usage during competitions and for preventing any shooter from getting lost in the turrets. Much more, it lets you go about 0.5 below the zero stop. With this, it will offer you plenty of flexibility.

Another amazing aspect of this turret is having safety features. The windage turret has a cap to prevent any accidental adjustments. Also, this will be an added protection to the turret especially for competitors so they can be confident while they maneuver obstacles on the clock.

Both of these turrets integrate a helical version of Glock slide serrations. This is very advantageous for shooters to ensure a solid grip even with wet hands. 

Also, turrets provide tactile and audible clicks. It has also a definitive start and stop. This is great for a product to have this feature, especially with its price range. Surely, it is not that common, so it is indeed a bonus!

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Main Tube and Magnification

Main Tube and Magnification

The main tube measures about 34 mm, which allows maximum adjustment range. It also has an internal optic system — a bonus aspect! This Match Precision Optics riflescope offers 40 MRAD internal adjustments. Also, it is available in another variant that has 20 MRAD internal adjustments.

Furthermore, it has a built-in magnification lever that provides you a solid purchase on the mag ring. This also helps you increase the leverage to change the mag with no trouble at all even during your sessions.

It has a minimum magnification of 3x and a maximum magnification of 18x with an objective size of about 50 mm. To ensure the comfort of the shooter, an eye relief of about 3.50 inches is provided.

You could not ask for more with this product. Surely, it has everything that you want your riflescope to have.

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Included Components

The package includes a 4-inch sunshade, caps for the lens, cleaning tools, and some tools that you will need in adjusting the turret.

It does not just focus on providing you features for its functionality. They made sure that you have everything with you to use its product with ease. You got everything here!


  • Integrates First Focal Plane (FFP) illuminated N-OMR System
  • Turrets and reticle are in MRAD for easy and fast adjustments
  • Fogproof and weatherproof
  • Capped windage turret to avoid accidental adjustments
  • Has an eye relief of 3.50 inches
  • Wide range of magnification from 3x up to 18x
  • Simple turret adjustments
  • Perfect for long-range shooting


  • Turning the parallax knob is difficult

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exit pupil diameter?

There is one way to solve for the exit pupil diameter – objective size divided by the magnification. As for this scope, the objective size is 50 mm and the magnification range is 3x-18x.
Therefore, the exit pupil diameter is about 2.8 mm at maximum power and 16.6 mm at minimum power.

If I turn off the illumination setting, will the reticle be still visible?

Yes. The reticle is normally black when illumination is off. But when you try and turn it on, it becomes red. This is perfect to use when you are working in a low light condition.

Does this riflescope have locking turrets?

No. It does not have locking turrets, but the windage adjustment is capped. With this, it will be enough to resist any unintended and accidental adjustments during use. So, there is no need for you to have locking turrets.

In total, how many Mils of elevation adjustment does this scope provide?

The total Mils for this MPO is roughly about 40 Mils internal adjustment. Coming from the zero stop, you will be provided by about 19.4 Mils for the turret adjustments.

What is the minimum parallax distance for this riflescope?

The parallax of this MPO 3-18×50 mm model is about 25 yards up to infinity. But as for the 5-25x56mm model, it has a parallax of 35 yards up to infinity.

Final Verdict

This Brownells Match Precision Optics buying guide has provided you with an honest evaluation of the product. And it seems to be a near-perfect product, right? Overall, it has indeed all the key features making it a top-notch scope at a surprisingly reasonable price.

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