How Long Does It Take to Buy a Suppressor? – Expert Guide

A suppressor is something you would like to invest your money in if you already have a rifle or a gun. Suppressors are also referred to as silencer, and its main task is to reduce the sound guns make when shots are fired. So getting your hands a device such as this comes with a bit of work. So, how long does it take to buy a suppressor?

Truth be told, there isn’t a definite time period which we can give you because getting a suppressor comes with a few requirements as well as waiting for approvals. It might take you anywhere from 4-13 months to get one.

Break Down of the Waiting Time

In the United States, you can legally buy a silencer, but you have to go through numerous stages and regulators before you can finally get it in your hands. And in each of the stages, you will have to do some amount of waiting.

To help you understand it all, we are going to break it down and give you the estimated waiting time.

Apply for Purchase

The first thing you will have to do is apply to get a suppressor. Now this stage completely depends on you. You could take a very long time for you to send out the application, but you could also do it in a very short time. So, your promptness will determine how long this will go.

Suppressor Goes to the Dealer

Suppressor Goes to the Dealer

After you send in the application for the suppressor, it should take about two weeks for the suppressor to be sent over to the dealer. It might take a bit more time, but on average, it is for two weeks.

Pay for the Tax Stamp

You will also have to pay $200 for a tax stamp if you want to get a suppressor. There is no way of bypassing this step. This works as a permit for the device that you need from the authority.

This should take about a month or so to process and for the tac stamp to be cashed out.

Background Check and Approval

In order for you to get the approval, a very detailed background check is conducted. The process is very invasive and will get into more private details. And the check is very thorough, more so than buying the gun.

This is where most of the time is spent. Normally they tell you it would be done in about three to four months, but that is rarely the case. This might take up to ten or eleven months before the ATF approves of your application for the suppressor.

Approval Sent to the Dealer

The dealer will have your suppressor, but they will not hand it to you if they do not receive the approval from ATF. After the background check has been conducted and your tax stamp has been approved, it will then be sent to the dealer. Only then will you get the call to pick up your suppressor.

From the ATF’s approval to the dealer getting it is about a further two weeks wait. And with that, you’re done.

Final Words

A year has become the new average for the whole process to go through, so if you have your heart set on getting a suppressor, then you have to wait for some time before getting it.

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