Leupold VX5HD 4-20 Review in 2023 – New edition

When it comes to shooting, there are a few accessories you need, which would go with your rifle. All of these elements are needed so you would be able to shoot properly and hit the target every time.One of these accessories for the rifle is a riflescope. This is something you would use in order to see the target properly.

Now, there are numerous riflescopes on the market. Which one is the best fit for you? Well, thankfully, you’re here, so we are going to give you all the details about the Leupold VX5HD 4-20 riflescope.

We will go over all the features available as well as the pros and cons of this product in our Leupold VX5HD 4-20.

Leupold VX5HD 4-20 Review in 2023

Leupold is a company that has been in the market for a very long time. And over the years, they have won the hearts of millions of people who happen to rely on their product whenever they are looking for the right fit for their rifles. The quality of the goods they design and manufacture are considered to be the best of the best.

They produce goods like scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, and many more. For now, we are going to talk about their riflescopes, which is the Leupold VX5HD 4-20. This is said to be one of the most versatile among all the scopes they already have in their collection, and the features available in there is unmatched by its competitors.

I will be going over all of the features available in the product, so you have a better understanding of what you are getting when you do decide to buy it.

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No Accidental Dial Movement

Many times you are not able to hit the target properly because the dial of the riflescope moves drastically even when you breathe a little heavier than normal. This ruins your performance to a certain degree.

But with the Leupold VX5HD, you will be able to eliminate such movements by pressing on the ZeroLock system button. You will automatically see how your aim is going to improve when you start using this product.

30 Extra Minutes of Shooting Light

30 Extra Minutes of Shooting Light

If you go for shooting or hunting on a regular basis, then you know lighting can be key, or else you will miss your target. And in a natural setting, artificial light is not really an option, especially if you are out hunting.

You would give yourself an additional 30 minutes of shooting light if you are to pair your rifle up with the VS5HD 4-20. This extra light will enable you to keep going for some more time. And at the end of the day, we are all longing for some extra time when it comes to hunting.

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Does Not Allow Dust or Water to Distort View

In the outdoors, it is common to encounter a lot of dust, dirt, and water. And all of these could very easily distort the visual of the riflescope, and therefore you might be unable to see where you are shooting or might miss altogether. Now, that is a scenario we want to avoid.

So the VS5HD 4-20 is able to shed through the water and dust to give a relatively better view through which you will be able to see where you are shooting.

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Water and Fog Proof

When you invest your money in something, you would want it to last for some time so that you can make proper use of it and your money is spent well. But how is that going to happen if the scope you use gets damaged by fog or water?

For that, you need your gear to be water and fog proof so that you can take it to the outdoor, and it is able to withstand these circumstances. The Leupold 4-20 is reliable on this account, and you can be assured it won’t get damaged by rain.

These are some of the features you will get if you do end up getting the Leupold VS5HD 4-20. Some of these features are not available in many of the riflescopes, which is why many prefer this one over the rest.


  • Greater focus on the target
  • Brighter view, which allows user to see clearly
  • Long battery life
  • Does not add much weight to the rifle
  • Premium quality lens


  • More expensive than other riflescopes
  • Needs regular maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Leupold product:

What kind of mount should I be using with this riflescope?

For this particular type of riflescope, you could use any of the 30mm mounting solutions, those should work perfectly well with this. You could find ones that are compatible with the Leupold on their website.

Will I also get a cover with the scope?

Most of the Leupold products some with a cover, and with this one as well, you are going to come with a cover as well. This cover is very important as you do not want the lens to get scratched up.

Will this model of scope fit it with all types of rifles?

The scope is very versatile, and you will be able to use it with different types of rifles. However, it might not be a fit for all types of rifles.

Final Words

The Leupold VS5HD 4-20 is a very good option if you are looking for a good scope. And the price might be on the higher end, but the quality and the features make the price worth it.

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