Beretta A300 vs Remington 1100 – Comparison in 2023

Anyone looking for a new semi-automatic shotgun should know better to look for the ones that have been proven and tested by time and used by many users.
As simple as that seems, there is still some choice to make. This all comes down to Beretta A300 or Remington 1100. These two legendary shotguns have been in production for decades and still prove to be beloved favorites for a wide variety of applications.

True enough, these shotguns were designed with innovative features during their time and have been the standard for like weapons.

Beretta A300 vs Remington 1100

Features  Beretta A300 Remington 1100
Barrel Length 28″ 30″
Hand Right Right
Round Capacity 3 + 1 4
Gun Weight 7.1 lbs.
Price Check Price Check Price

Beretta A300

Beretta A300

Let’s have a look at the Beretta A300 first. This one needs no introduction. Any collector will surely have one in their stash and probably would be one of their go-to guns.

It is a gas-operated shotgun, which is a good advantage because you can bleed a little gas to make the recoil softer. This is a great way of making the gun beginner-friendly. Fitted with a rubber recoil pad, it adds to absorb shock from firing.

The entire length of the gun is 48” where the barrel length is 28”, and it weighs just about 7.1lbs. This has a 3+1-round capacity and with only four major components. Those factors add up to help quickly assemble and dismantle this gun with ease. Combining both, that makes the Beretta A300 a sought after favorite.

Left-handed individuals will appreciate the simple yet practical cross-bolt safety sports ergonomic design. This is reversible and will welcome any type of grip the user employs. This adds to a smooth and reliable operation.

Proprietary steel is used to make these guns, which makes them famous for their durability. That is one of the reasons why these are very sought after. The Mobilchoke barrel is designed to reduce the weight, which makes this ideal for hunting and different uses.

You will love this shotgun because it is easy to maintain. Not only is it easy to dismantle, but you can also clean it up even without tools primarily because it has a compensating gas valve and self-cleaning piston.

Overall, you can’t beat a workhorse and a classic favorite. This is a straightforward and no-nonsense semi-automatic shotgun and worthy of being called one of the greatest guns invented.


  • Classic design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smooth operation
  • Can be customized for soft recoil
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Shoots only three bullets at a time

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Remington 1100

Remington 1100

Some may be inclined to ask if they still manufacture the Remington 1100 because it was first introduced to the market more than 40 years ago. Since then, it has changed the way people viewed shotguns.

It was the first of its kind to put together repeat-shot technology with, then, modern line and handling qualities of semi-automatic shotguns. No wonder it was one of the most sought after shotguns then and now.

This is a 12-gauge shotgun that has a 28” light target contoured and vent rib barrel. The overall length is 49” and weighs 8 lbs. That combination helps make this gun easy to control and wield. This is a serious model for serious shooters.

And it sports a tournament-grade American walnut stock that has a gloss finish, which gives it that classic look. The butt end of the stock has a recoil pad for support.

As a classic semi-automatic shotgun, this has an easy-to-maintain feature. You can disassemble it easily so that you can wipe it down after a day in the field. This fun will look mighty fine, whether it’s new or have been around for decades. The patina and the way it grows is a sight to behold.

Moreover, this comes with four extended RemCHoke tubes, skeet, improved cylinder, light modified, and modified. You can utilize each one according to how you will use this semi-automatic shotgun.

If you are looking for a simple-to-maintain and reliable semi-automatic shotgun, then this one should be on top of your list. You can break this down in a matter of minutes and clean it up for storage and ready whenever you are in the mood for shooting.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable mechanism even for long term
  • Classic design
  • Simple and quick maintenance
  • Versatile


  • Reloading needs time to get used to

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Difference between Beretta A300 and Remington 1100 Semi-Auto Shotgun?

This comparison is like comparing two giants. It’s hard to choose between the two, but we will look at the main differences between the two.

Gas System

As both of the guns are gas-powered, you can expect that you can adjust them so that they can have light recoil. What it boils down to is the mechanism and parts that make the chamber.

Remington 1100 uses a rubber O-ring, which is kind of a letdown and can cause some concern over the years of use and abuse. Even though it is easy to replace, it can still be a deal-breaker for some. On the other hand, the Beretta uses all metal parts, which is a plus, especially if you like the low to no maintenance guns.


Comparing the two, 1100 has slightly thinner and sharper angles on the stock, which makes the butt-plate also thin, which can make recoil feel a bit harsher and sharper. Although the recoil can be softened, after a full day of shooting, that thin stock is going to do some damage.

As for the A300, they put a fuller and broader butt plate. It is to be expected that it can distribute the recoil much better on your shoulders.

Design and Functionality

In terms of the crucial factors, both the semi-automatic shotguns work as great as they should, so it’s a tie in these departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the two guns:

What’s a general rule on shotgun maintenance?

As far as the Beretta A300 and Remington 1100 are concerned, since they are simple guns that can be easily broken down and dismantled, a thorough wipedown after use will help a lot in keeping them working fine for a long time.

What’s a good tip when looking for a semi-automatic shotgun?

Fit is something that you should consider. This is the way you use it and how comfortable it is for you to handle.

How should I transport firearms?

You should carry them unloaded and in a closed, fastened case. If you do not have a compartment, it should be carried farthest away from the driver. As an additional precaution, the ammunition should be in a different container.

What is the main advantage of gas-powered over inertia powered shotguns?

The main benefit is that you can fire a wide range of shotgun shells when you’re using a gas-powered one because you can regulate the pressure.

Is the weight and length of the gun a factor?

This depends on the shooter and the application. First, the fit is very important in choosing a shotgun. You will also have to see if the length and the weight will not be cumbersome when you’re using it on the range or field.


Despite having almost the same features, in the battle of Beretta A300 and Remington 1100, we will have to give the crown to the A300.
This is because of the versatility and fit.

All steel components will provide long-term use without much maintenance and worry that any part of the shotgun will break down and do away with the periodic replacement of some parts. It also has a slightly shorter and lighter build, so it’s more portable and easy to handle.

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