Bergara B14 vs. Remington 700 Comparison in 2023

If you are starting a hobby in shooting or want to add to your arsenal, then a bolt-action rifle is one that you need to get.
This rifle can be used for a variety of purposes and can offer a lot of enjoyment as well as help you increase your set of skills and technical knowledge for long-range shooting.

There are many options around but here we will make two renowned rifles go head to head in a Bergara B14 Vs Remington 700 face-off. You may have heard these names before and are curious about how they fare compared to one another so here’s a quick read for you.

BERGARA B14 VS REMINGTON 700 Comparison in 2023

Barrel Length 24″ 26″
Hand Right Right
Round Capacity Black 3 + 1
Finish 5 Blued
Gun Weight 9.25 lbs. 9 lbs.
Price Check Price Check Price

Bergara B14 Bolt-Action Rifle

Bergara B14 HMR Rifle

Looking at the Bergara B14, you will immediately notice the state-of-the-art aluminum stock. It is machined to make the body precise and without blemish. On top of it is the well-known Bergara barrel that makes the gun capable of performing well under most circumstances.

As this is from the BMP (Bergara Match Precision) series, this will fare well in competitions and the field. It is built to emphasize versatility and precision.
This barrel is designed to be tough and durable since it is made from 4140 CrMo steel that will stay sturdy even with everyday use. It has a threaded muzzle where you can screw in a suppressor with no problem.

The gun is compatible with M-LOK accessories which adds to make it customizable according to your preference. It also accommodates slings thanks to the integrated QD mounts.

The unit has a buttstock that has an adjustable cheekpiece and length. This helps in making the fit customized for better comfort and control every time you’re shooting. The rifle also has a vertical pistol grip that’s ergonomically shaped for better handling.

Utilizing a 2-bolt action with a Sako-style extractor, you will experience a smooth feeding and smooth ejection of shells. The trigger is curved and designed to provide you with a satisfying pull each time you fire the rifle.

You can use a 5-round AICS magazine on this as it is the standard on this ammunition.
For other technical specifications, this unit has a total weight of 11 lbs, 24” barrel length, and is designed for right-handed shooters.

To top it all off, it comes in great value. You will get a high-quality bolt action and a reliable barrel at a very reasonable price.


  • Good bolt-action for smooth feeding and extraction
  • Precision-machined stock
  • World-renowned Bergara barrel
  • Adjustable buttstock


  • Weighs a bit heavy

Remington 700 Bolt-Action Rifle

Remington 700

If you want a weapon that is designed to hit long-range targets, then this bolt-action rifle is for you. The Remington 700 has been known to be a top choice when it comes to sports and competitive distance shooting. That is one of the main reasons why the US Army employed this as a staple in their arsenal.

For a line of rifles that’s been in production for more than 50 years, this is worth your attention because it has been proven time and again. With innovation in production, it is also able to cut down on the price. So, you don’t need to spend a fortune to own a piece of gun history.

The tactical stock is a Ben and Carson M40 model made from solid urethane that’s combined with aramid, graphite, and fiberglass. Its barrel receiver is bedded with an aluminum block for accuracy and to add extra swivel for the bi-pod.

Additionally, the barrel is free-floated and provides excellent accuracy and a minimal shift in any environment. You can use this gun whether it’s summer or winter without sacrificing performance.

You will find plenty of personalized capability with this rifle since it comes with an adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger. You can set your preferred amount of pull to improve your experience when using this.

Its heavy contour barrel is 26” and matched perfectly to high-velocity calibers. With this rifle, you get a perfect blend of precision and distance performance. So, you can take this out on the field, competition, and in the range.

Scope mounts are drilled and tapped to accommodate most scopes so that you don’t need to get an extra set of adaptors.
One thing you have to consider though is that this rifle has a magazine capacity of four rounds in standard calibers and three in magnum.


  • Commissioned by the US Army
  • Environment and weatherproof
  • Adjustable trigger pull weight
  • Durable and lightweight stock


  • Three or four options for magazine rounds
  • Non-adjustable stock

Bergara B14 or Remington 700 Bolt-Action Rifle?

Considering a lot of factors, these rifles are great for anyone who wants to own a versatile and high-quality ammunition. Some differences will appeal to different users and we’ll look at how those match up against one another.


Remington 700 stock

The main difference you will see between the two is that the Bergara employs a more modern looking stock. You can adjust the butt-end to fit on your shoulder and cheek. This has become a trend in recent years and manufacturers are moving to offer the feature to their new line of rifles.

However, the Remington maintained its traditional stock design. This is probably because it has been tried and tested in years of use. The good thing about this is that it is an ambidextrous shape, so the stock is more forgiving in the sense of handling.


It should be noted that the Bergara’s stock is entirely made of aluminum and Remington has a mix of materials to it. This is one of the main reasons why the latter is lighter by two pounds which can be a factor when the user is out hunting in the woods for a while.

Magazine Capacity

There is just a slight difference between the two here. The Bergara can unload five rounds while the Remington has a maximum of four with standard calibers.
While this may just be a small difference, some will feel like four is too restricting and five is just right in most applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does stock design matter?

The stock design will depend on the use of the rifle. You will have specific stocks for hunting, shooting, and tactical applications. This is because different tasks need different fit and configurations and there are distinct setups suited for a certain use.

Do I need to break in a new rifle?

It is recommended to run gun oil through your bore after each of the first 10 shots and a thorough cleaning afterward. And then there are other procedures for the first 100 shots to ensure that it will have proper “seasoning” so that the gun maintains its accuracy through its lifetime.

How do I clean my barrel properly?

There are a lot of ways to do this and it all boils down to preference. But as a general guideline, use the best quality cleaning rods, patches, and brushes you can afford.

What’s the best scope for my rifle?

There are plenty of scopes for a variety of needs. Make sure you match their features with your preferences so that you can maximize benefits from both your rifle and scope.

What’s the best way to improve my skills?

Proper practice and making every shot count. Join a club that can teach you the things you want to improve on and just enjoy every session and you’ll get better eventually.


The two rifles Bergara B14 Vs Remington 700 may seem like worlds apart, but they offer a lot of features and are capable of being used in a wide variety of applications. But when it comes down to the Bergara b14 or Remington 700 battle, the former is considerably a better choice.

Primarily because of the modern features and manufacturing process, this rifle a better choice especially for beginners or those who want an all-around rifle to bring to the range or hunting sessions.

While the weight may come into play when using this for a long time, the gun has little to no impact when you match it with the features, making this rifle a great buy.

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