Remington 700 vs Ruger American Rifles – Comparison in 2023

Not a lot of inventions in the past have stood the test of time. But those that have been unchanged and revered have stamping their place in history to be revered by many individuals. Among these things are two classic icons in the gun world for sure, discussions of Remington 700 vs Ruger American have surfaced in the past, and some certainly still talk about which one is the best.

And why not? Both rifles are classic, timeless, and have a lot of value in terms of contribution to the way rifles are made today.

So, let’s settle the score which one is the best between these two giants in a head-to-head comparison.

Remington 700 vs Ruger American Comparison in 2023

Model  Barrel Length Round Capacity Gun Weight Price
Remington Model 700 26″ 3 + 1 9 lbs Check Price
Ruger American Standard 22″ 4 + 1 6.2 lbs Check Price

Remington 700

Remington 700

Ask a dozen deer hunters what’s one rifle that’s an essential part of their collection of bolt-action rifles, and the Remington 700 series is bound to be part of their top choice.

It is not just adapted by deer stalkers, law enforcement, and the military also employing this design and creating rifles from it. Needless to say that it is an effective and reliable rifle for many types of applications.

But what makes this rifle so loved by many? It has to do with its initial goal: to be a mass-produced rifle. Having been designing to have two forward dual opposing lugs, bolt made from three components (body, head, and bolt handle), it was set to be mass-produced at a high-speed rate.

This is why they made the design simple and operation easy and effective. Even with variations per series, the Remington 700 has become a best seller in many respects.

One thing to consider is since these are mass-produced, you may come to find a defecting product from the production line from time to time. So if you’re thinking of investing in one, have a thorough check before purchasing.

Remington 700s come in a variety of actions like .308 all the way up to the long actions that accommodate larger Magnum calibers. You will have a wide range of options when looking at these models. The Remington 700 has come a long way and will continue to make a noise in the bolt-action scene.


  • Classic and timeless design
  • New innovations allow it to be used in many applications
  • Powerful rifle
  • Can be bought at low prices


  • Some rifles series are outdated and do not have modern features
  • Trigger issues in the past

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Ruger American

Ruger American

Another icon in the gun industry and one that continues to make waves are the American Ruger rifles. This is another production gun that has been around for many years and will continue to make waves in the years to come.

So, this was designed by three men in a matter of 10 months. That’s all from concept to reality. It all just fell into place, and it worked. The design is still being used nowadays, which makes it all the more impressive.

Among the innovations they put into the design is the patented bedding system. This includes two stainless steel V-blocks that are molded into the stock. The trigger has a safety feature that keeps it from firing unless the safety blade is also depressed.

The stock is also worth mentioning. They combined functionality and style together to make the familiar look the Ruger always had. On the end of the stock is an impact material that softens the effect of the recoil.

When shooting this bolt-action rifle, you can rely on a good snap and accuracy even with hundreds of shots fired. Using the throw is also a pleasure as it flows easily to load and unload the chamber.

These are just a few of the features people loved about the Ruger American. In years past, many series for different niches also have surfaced, and all of them retained the familiar feel of this beloved rifle.



  • Inexpensive rifle
  • Versatile and ideal for hunting
  • Safety blade keeps you from firing this accidentally
  • Easy to maintain


  • Some components are made from plastic

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Difference Between Remington 700 vs Ruger American Rifles

Difference Between Remington 700 and Ruger American Rifles

It’s a bit hard to compare two icons in the gun world. Both of these inspire awe from anyone who loves guns. But this comparison is something done out of love and appreciation for the diversity of innovation of rifles.


These rifles have one mission: to dominate the world. Well, not really. But their goal is to be a high-quality mass-produced rifle. And that they did. Not just because they were manufacturing quickly, it is because they were offering at a lower price.

Which is the more inexpensive of the two? On average, it would be Ruger American. This is because they use some synthetic materials that can be made cheap and affordable to the public.

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Taking a cue from that, in terms of quality in the components, the Remington 700 takes this one. The Ruger American has some series that use plastic parts, which means those are prone to breaking accidentally or eventually.

With the Remington, however, it seems that most of the parts are either of the polymers they are using or made from sturdy materials other than plastic.

Ease of Use

In this category, the Ruger American is the better choice because it has more practical features throughout its series than the Remington (which have a difficult-to-manage magazine and loading features).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Remington and the Ruger American product.

What are things to consider when looking for a scope?

There are many variables to consider. Your choice will depend on the gun, the ammo, type of terrain, and distance of shooting you will do.

Can I practice using my rifle by dry firing?

Dry firing means shooting the gun without any ammunition. While doing this will not damage the firearm, it is not recommended to do it.

What is the recommended ammunition for bolt-action rifles?

Ruger recommends using factory ammunition loaded to US Industry Standards for safety. There is also available information for other rifles for Remington and other brands. It is best to check the website or ask gun experts for the recommended ammunition for your bolt-action rifles.

Can I use a regular rifle if I’m left-handed?

Manufacturers have offered custom production rifles that are made specifically for left-handed individuals. Do not settle for an uncomfortable gun as it may be dangerous to wield as you cannot have full control over it.

What does the twist rate mean?

This is the rate of spin in the rifle barrel and is measured in inches per turn. The lower the number of twists, the faster the spin is on the bullet.


At the end of the day, if you were to choose between the Remington 700 or Ruger American rifles, the best one is the one that has high-quality components, is reliable, and will look better as it ages.

The Remington 700 is the better choice between the two because of the quality build even off the production line.

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