Top 10 Best Quietest Suppressor 2023 – Reviews

Hunting is one of the top hobbies of many people in America. When hunting, one of the prerequisites is having good hunting equipment that’s one quietest suppressor

Let’s focus on a hunting rifle specifically.

With a good rifle, you can easily step out there and take shots for fun as you bring down those prey in the woods.

best Suppressor Reviews

But there’s a slight problem; the rifle can be too loud for the people around, or it could scare the game hence missing the shot.

In that case, hunters are looking for the good quietest suppressor to help them in their hunting spree.

We understand that finding one can be a challenge, so we came up with this article to help you out.

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Let’s get on with it.

Quietest Suppressors Comparison

Model  Cartridge Finish Price
OSPREY MICRO 17 HMR, 22 Long Rifle, 22 Mag, 22 WMR Check Price
SUREFIRE SOCOM300-SPS Black Check Price
ADVANCED ARMAMENT SR-5 5.56 mm NATO Black Check Price
SILENCERCO OMEGA 9 mm Luger Black Check Price
OSPREY .45 45 Auto (ACP) Black Check Price

Top Quietest Suppressors Review

Everyone has their own opinion about the quietest silencer out there. However, these five units are the ones we tested and found are the quietest.

1. SureFire SOCOM300-SPS

Surefire SOCOM300-SPS

Here is our first suppressor, which scores decently in terms of customer satisfaction. This baby is not only quiet, but it also enhances your shooting experience. This silencer is designed for the .300BLK cartridge. Furthermore, it is full-auto rated for both supersonic and subsonic ammunition.

So yes, this monster is versatile enough. Besides that, the quietest suppressor is very much compatible with bolt-action rifles of .223 to .300 Win Mag.

In terms of its quietness, this suppressor outperforms most units out there. One thing that makes it quiet enough is its unique design.

The silencer comes with the patented V-baffle design. With this design, the silencer will suppress the bullet to the maximum to cut down the noise output. However, this won’t compromise the damage of the bullet in the prey’s flesh.

To be practical enough, this baby has a noise reduction rating of 137dB, which is definitely one of the best on the market. You won’t even need earmuffs when you have this silencer.

By the way, this suppressor is made of high-temp alloy and stainless steel that keeps it strong and corrosion-resistant.

The suppressor isn’t heavy either since it only weighs in at 20.3 ounces. So yes, it will not weigh down your rifle as you shoot out in the wild.

This one comes with a 1.5-inch diameter and a length of 8 inches. We won’t fail to recognize the patent-pending front-plate design and proprietary gas-flow enhancements.

These features help to get rid of the first-round flash. For the record, this quietest suppressor is easy to mount, thanks to the patented fast-attach design. Basically, attaching and detaching it can be done in a matter of seconds.


What We Loved

  • High-temp alloy and stainless steel construction make it sturdy and rust-resistant
  • Super quiet
  • Designed to eliminate the first-round flash
  • Highly versatile
  • Minimal and consistent point-of-impact shift

What Could Be Better

  • You might experience baffle erosion after several rounds


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2. Advanced Armament SR-5 5.56mm Suppressor


Here comes our second suppressor that would suit you if you want a unit that is decent enough to cut down the noise as you take shots with your rifle.

The piece has been perfectly designed for 5.56mm hosts, and it comes with a unique design to enhance your overall user experience.

If we were to rank the heaviest silencers out there, this baby would be among the top units. It comes in at 17.5 ounces, while only being 6.7 inches long.

This one features an AAC 90 Tooth Ratchet Taper variant fast-attach system. With this, you can easily mount the suppressor on your rifle with limited efforts and strains.

Removing it is also easy enough. To mount or remove the suppressor, you will need some motion and gross motor skills. This should take you less than three seconds to pull off.

The silencer is made of durable, fully-welded Inconel that doesn’t only assure you of sturdiness but also cuts down backpressure.

Furthermore, the blast baffle innovative design offers additional erosion resistance that allows you to use it with short-barreled hosts.

We loved the 90 Tooth Ratchet Taper’s rock-solid interface that reduces the point-of-impact shift. Plus, this feature helps you to explore the host weapon’s accuracy potential.

In other words, you can be sure of improved accuracy when you have this quietest suppressor. Another top feature to point out is the stainless steel tube that is coated in Cerakote. Thanks to this, you can be confident of a rugged suppressor that can withstand multiple uses. You can say goodbye to any corrosion and rust on this silencer.

What We Loved

  • Super quiet
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Fast attach design for attaching and removing from rifle
  • Stainless steel tube in Cerakote coating keeps it safe from rust and corrosion
  • Pioneering system to reduce point-of-impact shift

What Could Be Better

  • It is somewhat heavy

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3. SilencerCo Omega Silencer

SilencerCoOmega Silencer

Our third contender is this quietest suppressor from SilencerCo. It comes in a small size but reduces noise quite elegantly. Actually, most silencers from SilencerCo tend to be small and super lightweight.

The suppressor weighs 14.2 ounces, and it is 7 inches long. Even though it is a super lightweight suppressor, this beast is very long-lasting and ranks among the best units on the market.

It is a full-auto and magnum rated silencer that is made with high-quality stainless steel, Stellite, and titanium to keep it strong and durable enough. This also means that it will stay strong against rust and corrosion.

So, how good is it at suppressing the noise of the rifle? According to the company’s information, this master can reduce sound by 119.5dB, which is quite impressive.

By the way, we truly experienced reduced noise so much so that we didn’t even need earmuffs when shooting out in the wild.


For the record, the sturdy construction of this silencer assures you of reduced blast erosion. This one is safe to use without damaging the ears, thanks to the impressive sound suppression with supersonic and subsonic ammo.

This suppressor also comes with a quick detach model that features the SpecWar ASR muzzle brake or flash suppressor.

There’s also a front end cap that has been specifically designed to enhance the performance of the silencer. You’d love having this silencer since it comes with some accessories to help you along.

When you purchase this noise suppressor, you also get a QD Active Spring Retention mount, a muzzle brake, along with several tools for adaptability. You can read a full review of this suppressor.

What We Loved

  • Sturdy construction prevents blast erosion
  • Super lightweight
  • Safe to use without earmuffs
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Full-auto and magnum rated silencer

What Could Be Better

  • Suppressor might be filled with lead vapor and deposits if you fire lead projectiles

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4. SilencerCo Osprey Micro Suppressor


This quietest suppressor is rimfire full-auto rated, and it comes with a design that enhances its performance when mounted to the rifle.

So, this is not the lightest silencer out there, but it surely performs decently. Coming in at 17.01 ounces, this one seems a little heavier than other silencers out there, but it won’t compromise the delivery.

By the way, the suppressor is 6.625 inches long with a 1.5-inch diameter. Does it reduce sound effectively? Yes, it does. The sound reduction rating on this one is 112.4dB, which we thought was good enough.

You won’t have to worry about the noise is too much for your ears when you have this baby. By the way, the suppressor comes with a flat sight plane that allows you to acquire and shoot your targets with ease.

The best part is that the length of this silencer can be reduced further to 3.1 inches from 4.6 inches. What’s more, there are tools available that let you adjust the length accordingly.

We loved the durability of this silencer, which allows it to be used with multiple RimFire calibers and ammo. Another thing to love about this silencer is that it is very easy to clean and maintain. Even after firing hundreds of rounds, you will have an easy time cleaning it.

Furthermore, the silencer comes in one unit that doesn’t require any reassembly. The suppressor comes with a rapidly attach adapter that you will have to time manually. This allows you to mount the quietest suppressor easily on any 0.5×28 threaded rimfire host.

What We Loved

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flat sight plane for better target acquisition
  • Usable with multiple ammunition and calibers
  • Length is adjustable
  • Comes with the necessary tools for adjusting the silencer

What Could Be Better

  • Might develop exhaust issues

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5. SilencerCo Osprey .45 Suppressor

SilencerCo Osprey .45 Suppressor

The last product on our list is this quietest suppressor from SilencerCo. This one has been designed to work perfectly. The features onboard also help to enhance the delivery of the suppressor. With this suppressor, you can be sure of having one of the lightest on the market with a weight of only 11.1 ounces.

But don’t be fooled by its lightweight. It is still strong enough to serve you accordingly while suppressing the loud noise as you shoot at your targets in the wild. This one comes with a round tubular design that helps you enjoy its delivery with excellence.

By the way, this is an eccentric silencer. In other words, the bore doesn’t run down the middle of the tube. Thanks to this eccentric design, the majority of the baffles and internal volume will be beneath the centerline of the bore and out of the sights of the gun.

Furthermore, this unit comes with flat side walls and angled edges, which are designed like the side of a modern combat handgun.

Given the fact that the angled edges and side walls are slightly wider than most host pistols, it allows you to holster the host weapon with most open bottom holster design. The sound reduction of this silencer is so impressive that you won’t have to worry about the health of your ear.

It comes with a sound reduction of 131.3dB, which is super impressive. By the way, the suppressor is made of strong aluminum and stainless steel material that makes it durable enough.

What We Loved

  • Super lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Black oxide finish prevents corrosion and rust
  • Necessary adjustment/alignment tools included
  • Super-versatile
  • No need to modify host firearm

What Could Be Better

  • Not ideal for rifles

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Buying Guide

What is the best AR-15 suppressor?

The award most likely goes to SilencerCo Omega. It is a multi-caliber suppressor that can reduce the sound of gunshots by 36 decibels allowing you to shoot comfortably without ear protection. And it also features a muzzle brake that works to reduce the recoil of shots making the gun easier to handle.

Alongside all this, it is a multi-caliber suppressor allowing it to be used for different guns. It features an active spring retention system allowing for quick attachment and removal.

All these features do end up making it a bit more expensive than most AR-15 suppressors, but it suppresses the most sound.

What is the .300 Blackout quietest suppressor?

The Gemtech GMT .300 Blackout Suppressor is the best pick. If used with supersonic ammo, it will feature a noise reduction of 36 dB, while subsonic ammo will feature a noise reduction of 39 dB. In both cases, it provides one of the highest noise reductions amongst its competitors.

Aside from high noise reduction, it also features an incredibly sturdy design that can absorb the brunt of shots. You’ll find this suppressor working for a long time and still working in top performance.

However, the Gemtech GMT is not rated for automatic firing modes. If you want a suppressor that is rated for automatic fire, you should look to Advanced Armament’s Cyclone Suppressor .300 AAC. It features a sound of reduction of 30 to 33 dB as well as recoil reduction.

Do quietest suppressor wear out?

Yes. While most modern quietest suppressor are made more resilient and can last longer, suppressors can indeed be worn out through a combination of reckless usage, lack of maintenance, and time.

When a round is fired, a large amount of thermal energy is released along with the sound. A suppressor works to suppress both the flash and the sound. And a large amount of thermal energy can slowly cause the suppressor to be worn down.

The rate is increased, especially if you decide to fire rounds one after another without letting the suppressor cool down.

With every shot fired, there is some residue carbon that gets built up. This carbon needs to be removed at regular intervals to prevent build-up and to clog the parts of the suppressor. This can heavily damage the suppressor and ruin its noise-reducing capabilities.

Proper and regular maintenance will ensure your suppressor lasts longer. Alongside these, improper mounting and loose connection of the suppressor will both reduce noise reduction capability as well as cause the suppressor and baffles to get worn down faster. Make sure your suppressor is properly connected.

Who makes the quietest suppressor?

SilencerCo is a popular and long-standing name in the suppressor business. They have started in 2008 and continue to make excellent quality suppressors that will make any professional gunner proud.

The suppressors they produce are top of the line and provide the best noise reduction alongside being incredibly sturdy and sleek in design as well. One of their popular quietest suppressor , the SilencerCo Omega, is considered one of the best AR-15 suppressors due to its high performance and smooth handling.

Aside from the Omega, the Osprey is another popular pick for their suppressors featuring just as good noise reduction as well as featuring an innovative design that helps a gunner’s aim better.

A competitor to SilencerCo in terms of performance and design might be Advanced Armament Corp (known as AAC). Advanced Armaments is a popular suppressor company making suppressors for rifles and rimfire cartridges.

AAC provides top of the line suppressors with very high durability that will last you quite a while. One of their mainstays, Element 2, is a popular pick for rimfire cartridges as well as being very easy to maintain.

Does a quietest suppressor improve accuracy?

There is much debate about this. What is known is that a suppressor doesn’t reduce your accuracy unless the particular design makes it obtrusive to your aim. Whether or not a suppressor increases, your accuracy is a point of contention.

A suppressor doesn’t alter the velocity of your bullet. It merely absorbs the flash and sound produced. As a result, it doesn’t decrease the distance your bullet travels. A suppressor does reduce bullet deviation, somewhat making your shots more likely to land, but it’s not always enough to overcome wind resistance.

Recoil is reduced when a suppressor is used. This makes it easier to land subsequent shots, but a suppressor does lose efficiency when rapid-fire shots cause it to heat up.

Overall, a suppressor doesn’t decrease accuracy, but it doesn’t increase the accuracy of your shots to the point that it makes a big difference. You won’t suddenly start accurately hitting all your targets, but you will, at times, notice a difference due to the reduced recoil.

What to Look for Before Buying Quietest Suppressor?

Quietest Suppressor 2020

Choosing a good suppressor is all about finding one that meets your needs accordingly. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

The size

You need to consider if the suppressor will fit your firearm in the first place. In most cases, a suppressor suitable for a handgun might be too small for a rifle or machine gun. So, consider the gun that you have in relation to the size of the suppressor.


How heavy is the suppressor? Will it add some weight to your firearm? Usually, most suppressors are lightweight. However, consider the weight and if it can affect how you use the gun.

Sound Reduction

The main aim of the suppressor is to cut down the loud sound of the gun when it fires. In most cases, the suppressor will come with a sound reduction rating in dB. However, you should consider giving it a test before you purchase it. It should be able to reduce the sound accordingly.
Other features to consider include the finish, length, fast-attach design, adjustment and alignment tools, as well as the brand. Generally, the suppressor should be able to fit on the rifle properly and perform as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

faq of suppressor

Where in America can you use a suppressor?

Suppressors can be used anyplace where it is legal to use a firearm. Make sure you have a gun license if you are to use it.

Do you need to have a class 3 license to buy a silencer?

Not really. You can purchase it without a license.

Why are silencers in high demand?

The ‘marketing’ aspect of silencers in movies is one of the things that has made them be more popular. They reduce recoil, excessive noise, as well as enhance accuracy.

Do I need a silencer?

It is not a must to purchase it since you can supplement it with earmuffs. But if you are shooting in the presence of other people or in a neighborhood with people, then you will need it to reduce the noise. Besides that, it enhances shooting accuracy.

Are silencers expensive?

Most silencers cost over $500, and they are worth the price. But if you are used to buying firearms, then you will understand why they come with a high price tag.

Final Words

Now that you have a clue of the suppressors, you will have an easy time when shopping for one. Make sure that you go for one that works effectively while suppressing the noise accordingly. Don’t forget to observe all the safety precautions. 

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